Summer Movie Clubhouse FAQ

What is The Summer Movie Clubhouse?
The Summer Movie Clubhouse is a ten-week program of recently released G and PG films for kids. Day, times and weeks of the series are determined by the local theatre. A full list of participating theatres is listed at

What films are playing on the Summer Movie Clubhouse?
A full list of the specific theatres and the films they are playing is located at

How much is the Summer Movie Clubhouse?
The cost is $1 per person per movie at the door the morning of the program. A ten-week series punch card is available at the theatre box office or online at for $5, while supplies last.

Do parents or adults pay the same price as children?
Yes. The price is the same for everyone.

If I purchase a Punch Card, can I use it at a different theatre then the one I bought it at?
Unfortunately because of seating availability we cannot allow cards to be used at other theatres, but only at the one where it was purchased.

Can I use my punch card for new movies like Epic, Monsters University, or Smurfs 2?
No. The card is good for only the films being shown that particular week in the Summer Movie Clubhouse program.

Can I buy one punch card and bring 9 friends to see one movie only? Or bring 4 friends and see 2 movies? Or something similar?
No. Only one person can receive admission per card each week. However, if you have four cards, for instance, and want to take 3 friends one week, then 3 different friends the next week, that is acceptable. As long as there is a card for each person each week, they will receive admission.

Why is my local Cinemark Theatre not playing the Summer Movie Clubhouse program?
The list of participating theatres is determined in advance by our Operations Department based on past performance and whether or not another Cinemark Theatre in the area is already showing the program.

Can I purchase a large number of punch cards in advance for a group?
Yes. Please contact the local manager for a group purchase of punch cards, while supplies last.