Martin McDonagh: People, Places, and Psychopaths

October 11, 2012

While that may sound simplistic for a guy who has written award winning plays, Academy Award winning short films, and has been nominated for a screenwriting Oscar, its actually much harder for him than it looks.

The writer and director of the new film Seven Psychopaths' pays incredible attention to the smallest details of his subject matter, his actors, and the production of his films. It's something he's developed by looking and listening.

CinéArts had the chance to talk to Martin McDonagh recently about his latest film, 'Seven Psychopaths', and how he's created in just two films, a new film language out of the marriage of violence and comedy.

'Seven Psychopaths', like his first feature film, 'In Bruges', is a wildly entertaining, ultra-violent romp, complete with unforgettable characters, indelible performers, and a savage wit. It's something fans of McDonagh have come to expect over the years. And while the façade of violence and mayhem are the first impressions one assumes, there a deeper core to his writing and how he subversively attacks a larger subject.

"I had written this script a while ago and at the time there was really nothing like it. I wanted to explore violence in films from the perspective of someone writing a script. I wasn't sure how much violence to put out there. But I think exploring that theme was the first germ of the idea. To do something that debated or explored violence in movies, but was still a bale of laughs too and wasn't too heavy, I think that's how I started 'Seven Psychopaths'."

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