Cinemark Debuts CineMode Mobile Reward Platform

November 21, 2012

You're sitting in the dark auditorium with your attention grabbed to the climax of a film you've been waiting to see. All of the sudden, a bright little screen lights up and your attention is automatically drawn to the person texting a few rows in front of you. Now, you've missed your favorite part of the movie, all because of one person and their glowing phone. Have you experienced this? At Cinemark, our number one priority is the comfort of our guests. To help resolve the issue of people texting, a new feature on Cinemark's mobile application, CineMode, is an exclusive and interactive way to earn Cinemark rewards while being courteous during the show.

The special feature within Cinemark's mobile app was designed to address texting and other cell phone distractions from occurring, while customers enjoy the entertainment experience in Cinemark's auditoriums across the country. The new CineMode program functions inside the Cinemark app and can be easily launched in the following way:

• Download the Cinemark app. App is available for both the iPhone and Google Android phone.

• Start: Start CineMode when you are prompted. A message appears on the auditorium screen right before the movie begins. When CineMode is started the bright screen on the smart phone will dim automatically and customers will be asked to set the phone's volume to vibrate.

• Stay: Stay in CineMode for the duration of the movie.

• Earn: When the movie ends and the guest exits CineMode, Cinemark will automatically send a reward (digital coupon) through the app and store it in the Rewards section.

• Customers can earn rewards every time they see a movie at Cinemark.

To learn more about CineMode and download it to your iPhone or Android device, click here.