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Employment at Theatres

Think you need to be famous to be in show business?

By working in a Cinemark Theatre, you can be on your way! Where else in your hometown can you work with all of your favorite stars? No, the box office doesn't have a view of Sunset Boulevard. But, a little slice of Hollywood can be found in every Cinemark Theatre. The brightest lights, the best sound, the hottest new films... the only thing missing is YOU.

Cutting-edge technology.

International expansion. Cool rocking chairs.

These are just a few of the things that make Cinemark the premier theatre company in the world. People just like you have turned a family business into an entertainment powerhouse. Join the Cinemark Team today!

Under Construction / New Locations:

Please look for "Now Hiring" signs at the theatre site(s).
Applications may be submitted once the "Now Hiring" signs are posted, usually 2 months before the theatre opens.

*Online applications are only available for a select few Century theatres and may only be submitted for one position, in one theatre, every 180 days.