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Cinemark App Features

Hang-on to your seats, because this is a rewards program like no other. Cinemark Connections turns up the dial on every theatre experience by giving you exclusive benefits, and one-of-a-kind rewards. It’s FREE to join and all you need is your smart phone!

  • Download the Cinemark App on iOS or Android (not available on Windows) device
  • Sign-in or create a My Cinemark account
  • Scan and earn points
  • Redeem points for rewards

Cinemark App Features

CineMode and Rewards:

  • Download the Cinemark App on your iOS, Android or Windows device
  • Enter CineMode inside the Cinemark App
  • Stay in CineMode for your entire movie
  • Earn free coupons

The simple, user-friendly interface allows you to:

  • Find Cinemark theatre locations via GPS
  • Search for your preferred Cinemark theatre location
  • Access your My Cinemark favorite theatres
  • Purchase movie tickets securely
  • View your gift card balance
  • View ticket purchase history
  • Add your tickets to Passbook (iOS only)

You’ll also be able to search and view:

  • Search for movies
  • View movie trailers
  • Rating, synopsis, cast and more…
  • Get information for the films you want to see

Stay Social:

  • Share showtimes via email, text, Facebook or Twitter
  • Share theatre locations via email, text, Facebook or Twitter
  • Share movie info via email, text, Facebook or Twitter

CineMode Tips and Frequently Asked Questions


iPhone – Helpful Tips:

All Devices – Helpful Tips:

  • Make sure you have the latest software update for your device.
  • Sign up for your free “My Cinemark” account, and login to your account within the app. Your My Cinemark account will allow you to save your favorite theatres, and sync your rewards and ticket purchase information across multiple devices and the Cinemark web site.

    Connections FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded an update for the Cinemark app and lost my CineMode coupons. What should I do?

To ensure that all CineMode rewards are saved, we recommend you create a “My Cinemark” account. When signed into your free “My Cinemark” account, all rewards will be stored even when updating your device with the latest Cinemark app software version.

Why should I sign-up for a “My Cinemark” account?

Signing up and signing into your “My Cinemark” account will store and sync your rewards, favorite theatres and ticket purchases across all signed-in devices and Cinemark will never share or sell your personal information. You can rest assured that your information is safe with us.

When do CineMode coupons expire?

Rewards typically expire after 10-14 days. Please make sure to notice the expiration date on the offer.

I’m experiencing a problem with CineMode. What should I do?

Please e-mail and let us know what type and model of device you use (e.g. iPhone 5S, Android Samsung Galaxy S5, etc.), what software version, when you took your phone off CineMode (in the auditorium or outside), and any other details that you can provide.

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