The Cinemark App featuring CineMode
Download the official and FREE Cinemark Theatres app for iPhone and Android. The Cinemark Theatres app allows easy access to any domestic Cinemark theatre. Now featuring - an exclusive and interactive way to earn Cinemark rewards while being courteous during the show.
Earn coupons with CineMode located inside the Cinemark App!
Tips & Frequently Asked Questions


iPhone users – Please see some helpful tips below:

All smart phone users – helpful tips:

  • iPhone/Android: Make sure you have the latest software update for your device. For iPhone/iPad users, click here. Most Android devices automatically update unless your phone has not been configured. Follow these steps below if you have not updated to the latest software:
  1. Power up the phone and press “Menu” to unlock it.
  2. Push the “Home” key.
  3. Push the “Menu” button.
  4. Touch the screen or use the navigator wheel to select the “Settings” option.
  5. Within the “Settings” menu, select the “About phone” option that is found towards the bottom of the list. This option displays the version number and build number of Android that is running on the phone.
  6. Touch the “System updates” option. This causes the phone to look for any new Android updates. If an update is available, the phone will download and install it.
  • iPhone/Android: We highly recommend for you to sign up for a free “My Cinemark” account. Launch the Cinemark app from your smart phone, select “My Cinemark”, press the gray button, “Don’t have an account? Register Today” to follow a simple process to create your free My Cinemark Account. Doing this will allow you to store all pending or earned coupons when using CineMode. Login each time to ensure your rewards will be saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded an update for the Cinemark app and lost my CineMode coupons. What should I do?

It is unlikely your stored coupons will be saved when downloading a new update to Cinemark’s app. To ensure that you keep all coupons earned while using CineMode, we recommend you create a “My Cinemark” account. When signed into your free “My Cinemark” account, all CineMode earned coupons will be stored even when updating your device with the latest Cinemark app software version.

Why should I sign-up for a “My Cinemark” account?

“My Cinemark” is a free account that can be easily created by providing your name and e-mail address. Signing up and signing into your “My Cinemark” account will store all coupons rewarded from CineMode. Cinemark will never share or sell your personal information. You can rest assured that your information is safe with us.

When do CineMode coupons expire?

CineMode coupons typically expire after 10-14 days. Your first coupon will be valid for four weeks. Please make sure to notice the expiration date on the offer.

I’m experiencing a problem with CineMode. What should I do?

Please e-mail and let us know what device you use (Android or iPhone), what software version, when you took your phone off CineMode (in the auditorium or outside), and any other details that you can provide.

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Cinemark App Features

CineMode and Rewards:

  • Download the Cinemark App on your Android or iPhone
  • Enter CineMode inside the Cinemark App
  • Stay in CineMode for your entire movie
  • Earn FREE Coupons

The simple, user-friendly interface allows you to:

  • Find Cinemark theatre locations via GPS
  • Search for your preferred Cinemark theatre location
  • Access your My Cinemark favorite theatres
  • Purchase movie tickets securely
  • View your gift card balance
  • View ticket purchase history

You’ll also be able to search and view:

  • Search for movies Coming Soon
  • Search for movies Now Playing
  • View movie trailers
  • Rating, Synopsis, Cast and more…
  • Get information for the films you want to see!

Stay Social:

  • Share showtimes via email, text, Facebook or Twitter
  • Share theatre locations via email, text, Facebook or Twitter
  • Share movie info via email, text, Facebook or Twitter
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