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Discount Combos

Save at the Concession Stand with Discount Combos

COMBO 1: Enjoy 1 large fountain or *frozen drink and 1 large popcorn, and save 50¢! COMBO 2: Enjoy 2 large fountain or *frozen drinks and 1 large popcorn, and save 75¢! COMBO 3: Enjoy any 2 fountain or *frozen drinks, and save 50¢! COMBO 4: Enjoy 1 large fountain or *frozen drink and 1 hot dog or nacho, and save 50¢! *Frozen where available.

Cool the can. See the slime.

Ecto Coolers Available For a Limited Time Only!

Cinemark Theatres is your one and only destination for Ecto & Ghostbusters. Get your fix this summer but only for a limited time. Beware: subject is seen to be vanishing quickly!

Candy of the Month

Buy Any Discount Combo & Save!

Purchase your favorite discount combo at Cinemark and save $1.50 when you add Raisinets, Sweetart Ropes, Butterfinger Bites, or Mini Chewy Sweetarts! Only available until 7/25/16. At participating theatres only.

Cookie Dough Bites!

Go ahead - take a bite!

Grab this special edition box of Cookie Dough Bites featuring Max from The Secret Life of Pets - in theatres on July 8th! Pick up this limited concession item at a theatre near you!

Star Trek Beyond Souvenir Cup

Warp speed to your theatre & grab a souvenir cup!

Visit your local Cinemark theatre and pick up a Star Trek Beyond 44 oz. souvenir cup for a limited time. Star Trek Beyond is in theatres starting Thursday, July 21st. (While supplies last. At participating theatres only.)

Something for Everyone!

Find the snack that works for you!

Your local theatre's concession stand offers healthier options too! Grab the snack that works the best for you!

Delicious and Made-To-Order!

Try Our Black Angus Hotdogs!

Visit your local Cinemark and grab a delicious black angus hotdog. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy your movie!

Orville Redenbacher's

To butter or not to butter? That is the question.

It's not a movie without Orville Redenbacher's popcorn! Get your own or some to share!

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