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Cinemark Drop-In Gaming FAQ

Drop-In Gaming events are only equipped to support the Nintendo Switch console. The Nintendo Switch Lite is not capable of on-screen gameplay. However, a Nintendo Switch Lite user may play on the native screen for their console over local wireless connection.

Each specific event is restricted to a single “game of the day”. Guests should refer to their ticket purchase and the posted schedule for that day’s game.

At this time, online and local wireless gameplay is not possible at Drop-In Gaming events.

No, due to the lack of internet connection, all content or game updates should be downloaded at home prior to their arrival. Should a guest arrive with a game version that is out-of-date, they may connect with local users to update their game – however, this will prevent all connected players from playing while the software match is completed.

Not at this time. Currently games will render a crystal-clear image at a maximum of 1080p resolution on our screens.

Yes, any game and console that is capable of delivering 5.1 surround sound audio can be enjoyed in that format at a Drop-In Gaming event.

While we should try to accommodate a Guest who is in the middle of a match, a deadline/warning does need to be given. Some matches are longer than others so we cannot always wait until the end of the match, especially if there are additional parties following. Some extra time may be given but be sure to account for break-down/exiting time as well as cleaning/sanitizing and set-up before the next party.

No, we do not allow recording devices in our auditoriums.

When you arrive for your drop-in gaming event and enter the auditorium, a staff member will be present to help set you up to play. During that time, you will be given your $5 concessions coupon.

Yes, all guests attending the event must purchase a ticket. All ticketed guests will still receive the $5 concessions coupon and have the ability to play during the party if they choose to do so.

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