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Cinemark Private Gaming Party FAQ

This theatre is not yet equipped with wi-fi and/or internet access to allow online gameplay. This means that you will not be able to access online multiplayer or single-player modes for certain games. It also means that certain games that require an “always-on internet connection” will not be playable. We recommend checking the product details for your favorite games before booking and attending a Private Gaming Party.

Any console with HDMI input can be supported. This includes certain current and last-gen consoles. This does not include consoles that can only function with an RGB or optical audio/video output.

Titles rated AO for Adults Only 18+ or non-rated titles from PC platforms will not be allowed to be played.

If you are playing at a theatre where online gaming is available, yes. These theatres are equipped with Wi-Fi access points to connect your console so that you can play games online. At this time, theatres without online gameplay do not have the needed equipment to allow stable internet connection in the theatre. Please follow us on social media or check our website periodically to see if internet access is made available in these locations.

You can bring as many HDMI-capable consoles as you wish; however, you can only play one console at a time on the screen. Each showtime is also only valid for 2 hours of gaming so choose wisely!

Yes, by booking two back-to-back sessions, you can enjoy the auditorium for up to 5 hours.

No, our in-auditorium Wi-Fi is set up to block access to all sites that are not needed for online gaming.

No, to maximize and enjoy your allotted time, you and your party should download any console or game updates at home prior to your arrival. At this time, all console features that require an internet connection are not possible at locations where online gameplay is not available. You will not be able to download any updates while at your Private Gaming Party. We encourage you to ensure your console and game software is up-to-date before leaving for your event.

Not at this time. Currently games will render a crystal clear image at a maximum of 1080p resolution on our screens.

Yes, any game and console that is capable of delivering 5.1 surround sound audio can be enjoyed in that format at a Private Gaming Party.

Yes. We want to respect physical distancing guidelines and the latest safety protocols to protect our guests and employees. However, our staff will be on hand to guide you through the set up process and ensure audio levels and video work perfectly.

Once your console is set up and you are connected to the internet, your two hours of gaming will begin.

We will do our best not to stop you in the middle of a match when your two hours ends. However, we know some matches are longer than others, and ask that you respect our staff if asked to end one early.

No, we do not allow streaming to occur from our theatres as it will affect gameplay.

No, we do not allow recording devices in our auditoriums.

We recommend guests do not bring VR equipment or games for private gaming parties.

Local wireless and offline tournaments are allowed with a maximum of 20 guests; however, we are not supporting online tournaments or tournaments that require internet access at this time.

Example:, YouTube? No, at this time we are not able to support livestreams of game events.

There will be a limited number of outlets provided to power your console, but other devices should be brought fully charged.

There is no limitation to the number of people connected to the Wi-Fi access point in the auditorium, but multiple devices may cause slow-downs during online play.

Only devices that can support wireless internet connection through a Wi-Fi access point may be used. Wired internet connections are not possible in the auditorium.

Third-party online subscriptions such as XBOX Live, PlayStation Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online are needed to access certain online gameplay features. These will not be provided by Cinemark. We encourage you to investigate the subscription needs for your consoles and games before arriving.

We do not recommend it, as the gaming experience may be uncomfortable. If you choose to bring a gaming PC or laptop, you must also bring a wireless keyboard and mouse to use from a seat within the auditorium.

Make sure you properly turn off your console completely before disconnecting from your home television and power outlets. Not doing so may damage the console and/or cause delays in setting up for your private gaming party.

Make sure you know all of your account login information for any online services, ie; PlayStation Network, XBOX Live, Nintendo Switch Online to avoid any issues in signing in to your account at the theatre.

If you need a refund, please visit our Refund Request page. Private Gaming Party cannot be refunded within 24 hours of showtime.

Yes. We have greatly enhanced our cleaning, sanitizing and safety procedures for the wellbeing of our guests, employees and communities. To see the many ways we're protecting you, click here. >

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