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School Field Trips FAQ

School Groups

Can we visit the theatre in the morning?

The field trip program is designed to open theatres, in the morning, for school groups. Movie start times are typically 8:30 a.m. - noon. Exceptions may apply. We require 7 business days advance notice for field trips.

Is this a private showing?

No - Other school groups may be in the auditorium, if seating is available.

What is the minimum number for a morning screening?

We require a minimum of 50 people (students, teachers and parent chaperones and bus drivers) to open the theatre early. If you have a smaller group, we may be able to combine your group with another group, provided seating is available.

What is the cost of the field trip?

The school package includes the movie ticket concessions. School package pricing varies from theatre to theatre, and package prices are listed for each theatre on the School Events page. Tickets cannot be purchased without concessions. When we open the theatre early for your group, everyone pays the school package price - this includes students, teachers, parent chaperones, and bus drivers.

What if a few extra parents want to attend on the day of the field trip?

Seating is guaranteed for the number of pre-paid attendees. If seats are available, 5 or less extra people may attend. The extra people must pay full price, at the door, for ticket and concessions.

Do teachers have to pay?

Yes, teachers, school staff, bus drivers, parent chaperones must pay the school package price. No exceptions.

Where do we send payment?

Payment is due, at your local Cinemark theatre at least three business days prior to your field trip. We will accept a school or PTA check, money order, credit card, cashier's check, or cash. Purchase orders and personal checks will not be accepted.

What movies will be playing?

In most cases, school field trips are booked several weeks in advance. At the time of your booking, we may know which movies are scheduled to be released around the time of your field trip. However, we cannot guarantee a movie will play, in a specific theatre, until the contract is signed with the film studio. These contracts are normally negotiated approximately two weeks prior to the release date of the movie.

How long will a movie play?

By contract with the film studio, a movie will play for two weeks. After that initial two week period, decisions on "holding" a film are made on a week by week basis, depending on the box office grosses.

We must have a “G” or “PG” rated movie. Will you have one showing the day we visit your theatre?

We cannot guarantee what will be on the screen more than two weeks in advance. We will try to accommodate your needs, but sometimes these family films are not available.

What if we have a snow day and school is cancelled?

If school is cancelled or delayed due to weather, we certainly will not expect your group to be at the theatre. While we do not offer refunds, we will reschedule your field trip as quickly as possible. We cannot guarantee the same film will be available for your rescheduled date. Contact your local Cinemark theatre manager to reschedule your field trip.