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I Still Believe: Exclusive Chat With Rising Stars Britt Robertson & KJ Apa

I Still Believe: Exclusive Chat With Rising Stars Britt Robertson & KJ Apa


The incredible true story of Grammy Award-winning artist Jeremy Camp and his late wife Melissa Henning has been brought to the big screen by the Erwin Brothers, directors of I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. KJ Apa and Britt Robertson star in the truly heart-warming film I STILL BELIEVE.

We sat down with the cast, and asked the stars for their thoughts of the message behind Jeremy’s powerful story.

"The strongest message for me is how to endure, and come out the other side, while still being strong." Britt Robertson added, "There will be so many good moments and bad moments that happen to us, and it’s just about how you handle those things."

KJ Apa chimed in, "We have so much control over so much in our lives, so when we are faced with something we have no control over when you get sick like that… everything suddenly comes into sharp focus and becomes so clear."

This unconventional love story is brought to life by the filmmaker siblings Andrew and Jon Erwin. They spoke to us about leaving their mark on cinema. "The signature of our films is that rush of hope." Andrew added, "At the end, you need to feel that hope that gives you the energy to face a new day."

Check out our full interview for I STILL BELIEVE:

I STILL BELIEVE is playing now!

All images courtesy of Lionsgate.

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