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The Addams Family Interview

Cinemark Speaks to The Addams Family Star Chloë Grace Moretz

Exclusive: Cinemark Talks to The Addams Family Star Chloë Grace Moretz


In the new animated film THE ADDAMS FAMILY, Chloë Grace Moretz voices Wednesday Addams, the grimly-inventive and blackly funny daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. This version of the family, which comes from SAUSAGE PARTY directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, is much more closely based on the original cartoons by Charles Addams than any previous film version.

We spoke to Moretz at the film's press day. Her enthusiasm for Wednesday comes from the character's tendency to be direct. "She's really unabashedly herself," Moretz enthuses. "She's not afraid to say exactly what she feels. She's that rebellious girl that you want to be, who stands up for what she believes in, but is also really loyal to her family and strangely loving without having to express it by hugging you at all."

This animated version of the macabre family was an opportunity for Moretz to play a role she never got to tackle in live action, too. "I grew up loving the Addams Family," she recalls, because "they always struck that chord of being that dark and twisted self that [projects] your inner emo. I always wanted to express that. I felt like I missed the boat because I grew out of being 16, and then I got the call for this animation."

Check out our full video interview below:

THE ADDAMS FAMILY comes to theaters on October 11.

All images courtesy of MGM.

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