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Bad Boys For Life Premiere: We Chat with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Bad Boys For Life Premiere: We Chat with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence


It's time to take one last ride with the original bad boys! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to the tropical city of Miami, where they reunite to take down a new crop of bad guys in BAD BOYS FOR LIFE. Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) team up with the Miami P.D.'s newly-formed elite AMMO squad to take down a savage drug cartel.

We touched down on the red carpet at the world premiere of BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, where we asked the two stars how they feel returning to this beloved franchise.

“It was a lot of work. We never knew it would be like this but it was a lot of work,” Martin Lawrence told us.

“We’ve always had fun together,” Will Smith added. “I think we created the best of the three movies out of the series."

Another big duo really helped this movie come to life:co-directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. “It was a dream come true. You know we grew up with [the BAD BOYS] movies,” El Arbi said. “I was seven years old when the first BAD BOYS came out, and I was hooked right away.”

“I was ten years old,” Bilall Fallah added. “I remember I was playing like I was one of the bad boys, the cops.”

Speaking of cops, we wondered who from the cast would be the best officer in real life. “Really none of us would make really good cops, we’re all kinda knuckleheads,” cast member Happy Anderson told us. “Actually, Joey,” cast member Paola Nunez jokingly said while standing next to her co-star Joe Pantoliano. “He’s always shouting," at which point Nunez did a good impersonation of Pantoliano. He added: “Absolutely, I’d never disagree with her.

Check out our experience at the lively world premiere of BAD BOYS FOR LIFE:

Can't get enough of the BAD BOYS FOR LIFE?

All images courtesy of Sony Pictures.

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