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How We Create the Ideal Movie Experience

How We Create the Ideal Movie Experience

(Updated 03/16/2020)

At Cinemark, we want to show you the best movies in the best theatres in the world. The best digital technology in the business lights up the big screen in our standard theaters and Cinemark XD alike. The most comfortable seats allow you to concentrate exclusively on the movie, while our food and beverage offerings can please the most demanding snackers.

All of which is meant to do one thing: Enhance your enjoyment of the movie. Here's how our technology and amenities create an environment in which the only thing you'll be thinking about is the story up on the screen.

Digital Brilliance

Creating the Ideal Movie Experience: Wonder Woman 1984

[Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

Whether in our standard theatres or in houses equipped with RealD 3D presentation technology, our core mission is the delivery of crystal-clear pictures and sound. It doesn't matter if you're checking out the latest releases or returning to recent favorites, as with our Oscar Movie Week event. You'll enjoy the same standards of excellence across the board.

Want a bigger experience? Cinemark XD is a THX-certified experience, with an 11.1 multi-channel surround system and Barco digital 4K projectors capable of delivering 35 trillion colors to screens that are over 70 feet from corner to corner. For a movie like WONDER WOMAN 1984 there's no better choice.

Comfort Is Key

Creating the Ultimate Movie Experience: The Photograph

[Image Credit: Universal Pictures]

Our reserved stadium seating in all theatres means your favorite seat is always at your fingertips when buying tickets, and your experience will be comfortable no matter which theatre you're in. Or upgrade to our theatres equipped with Luxury Loungers for an even more plush experience. These loungers feature full reclining seating with extendable footrests. Lean all the way back and let the movie wash over you.

Snack Heaven

Creating the Ideal Movie Experience: Soul

[Image Credit: Focus Features]

OK, while we don't have a high tea like you'll see in EMMA, our concessions are positively royal — an in select locations, our Cafes do offer coffee and tea. In addition to the popcorn and concessions we all love, some theatre locations offer hot and fresh Pizza Hut Express pizzas, while select theatre locations feature alcohol selections and dine-in theatre options, making Cinemark the best date night destination in town.

If you're a frequent guest, or want that extra push to get out to the movies more often, join our Movie Club to earn 20% off all concessions. It's one of the best perks of Movie Club! Check out all the other benefits of being a movie club member, and visit your local Cinemark to enjoy the ideal movie experience!

Want to know more about Cinemark's theatre technology?

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