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Learn to Draw Disney and Marvel Characters

Learn to Draw Disney and Marvel Characters


You might have more time on your hands than usual right now — or perhaps you're busy while your kids are home, and they need new quiet activities and creative hobbies. Or perhaps you've been harboring artistic ambitions for years, but haven't had the right motivation to follow through?

Whatever your situation, now is a great time to learn to draw. You can begin with tutorials which teach you how to draw Disney and Marvel characters like Elsa, Captain America and Ariel, all presented by some of the artists and animators who brought these characters to life in the first place. These how-to videos are a great jumpstart to a new activity for kids at home. (And for adults, too!) Grab a pencil and paper and learn a new skill by watching the videos below.

Learn to Draw Elsa from Frozen and Frozen 2

The FROZEN characters are some of the most popular recent Disney creations, so any lessons which help us draw Elsa and friends ourselves are quite welcome. First up, Animation Supervisor Wayne Unten, who oversaw Elsa's animation in both FROZEN and FROZEN 2, shows us how to draw the icy heroine from the two movies.

Learn to Draw Olaf from Frozen and Frozen 2

Olaf may be more or less the opposite of Elsa but "cold" is integral to both, and the animated snowman is just as important to the story and comedy of both FROZEN movies as anyone else. Here, Animation Supervisor Hyrum Osmond, who oversaw Olaf on the original movie, shows us how to draw the lively character.

Learn to Draw Sven from Frozen and Frozen 2

Sven is more than just a reindeer; as the companion to Kristof he plays an important role in both FROZEN and FROZEN 2. In this video, Animation Supervisor Michael Woodside, who was the supervisor for Sven on FROZEN 2, shows us how to recreate the reindeer.

Learn to Draw Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Ariel, the heroine of THE LITTLE MERMAID, became a template for a new type of Disney Princess when the movie debuted in 1989. Ariel is independent and sometimes rebellious — and ultimately good-hearted and thoughtful. Here, Mark Henn, Directing Animator on THE LITTLE MERMAID, shows you how to draw Ariel.

Learn to Draw a Disney caricature

Walt Disney is the founding father of so much of American animation, so there's every reason to honor him with a fine cartoon portrait. In this video, Walt Disney Animation Studios animator Michael Woodside shows you how to draw a special caricature of Walt Disney.

Learn to Draw Marvel's Captain America

Marvel Studios and Chris Evans made everyone look at Captain America in a new light. In the past, the hero who was occasionally written off as a somewhat dull boy scout. That will never happen now, thanks to the dynamic and genially commanding version of the character on the big screen. Here, Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding, walks you through important lessons about character design overall, and shows you how to draw Captain America.

Learn to Draw Marvel's Black Widow

Black Widow had been popular with comic book readers for a long time, but Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of the character, first in IRON MAN II and then in THE AVENGERS movies, turned the former Russian superspy into a household name. While we await the release of the BLACK WIDOW solo movie, get a full tutorial on drawing the character from Andy Park, the director of visual development at Marvel Studios.

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All images courtesy of Walt Disney Studios / Marvel Studios.

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