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How to Celebrate Your Birthday Indoors During Quarantine

How to Celebrate Your Birthday Indoors During Quarantine


For many of us a birthday means a party, and that means gathering with at least a few friends and family — if not as many people as you can muster. In this time of self-isolation and social distancing, however, something as simple as a party is out of reach.

So how do you celebrate a birthday while in quarantine? Watching movies is certainly one way, whether you go back to your old favorites or program a marathon of titles that are new to you. There are many birthday party options for our temporary quarantine life, and we’d like to highlight a few of our favorites.

Video Party

Birthday Movie Party: Dirty Dancing

[Image Credit: Lionsgate]

The most obvious birthday quarantine option is a video party. It's something many of us have been doing a lot of recently; it's the safest way to hang out with friends and family. There are many options to enable your virtual get-together; a few will help you watch the same movie at the same time for the ultimate distanced movie experience. Movie studios are getting creative with options, too. Lionsgate is hosting group watch parties online, hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis of the HALLOWEEN series, featuring movies like THE HUNGER GAMES and DIRTY DANCING.

Drive-By Parties

Drive-By Birthday Party: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

[Image Credit: Sony Pictures]

Some of the most touching examples of connectedness during quarantine have been through drive-by parties. We’ve seen birthday celebrations, engagements, anniversaries and even childbirth celebrated this way. People organize convoys of cars to drive by the home of someone celebrating their birthday or another major life event. This is one of the best ways to plan a surprise birthday party right now and we’ve seen more than a few bring the recipients to tears – and u too!

The Delivery Banquet

A Birthday Delivery Banquet: Aquaman

[Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

While we can’t get out to our favorite birthday party spots right now — including the movie theater! — you can still get some of your favorite food delivered. It's a pretty foolproof way to put together the ideal birthday party for whoever is in your immediate household, so long as you're willing to accept the possibility of a few ingredient substitutes, depending on what's available at stores. Get creative with cake and drink options to celebrate birthdays with your kids! You can make our Aquaman slushie, with gummy sharks floating in the mix to convey the underwater theme.

Dance Party

Quarantine Birthday Dance Party: Stop Making Sense

[Image Credit: Cinecom Pictures / Palm Pictures]

Nothing says birthday like a dance party, and you can turn to movies for your musical choices. For teens and adults, the amazing choreography of the STEP UP movie series might inspire your own moves at home. For audiences of all ages, the joyous STOP MAKING SENSE, featuring Talking Heads, is not just an exuberant proclamation of life and happiness, it's perhaps the greatest concert movie ever made.

Your Own Birthday Movie

Find Your Own Birthday Movie: Dumbo

[Image Credit: Walt Disney Animation]

A quick Internet search will reveal the movies that opened the week of your exact birthday or ones which came out on the proper day in different years. It's the best way to choose a birthday movie — so long as you happen to luck out with whatever came out on your special day!

Watch Great Birthday Movies

Great Birthday Movies: The Fellowship of the Ring

[Image Credit: New Line Cinema]

Some of our favorite movies feature birthdays as important moments in their stories. In THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, Bilbo Baggins plans his epic disappearance on his 111th birthday, and in so doing sets Frodo Baggins on one of the grandest adventures ever told. HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE sees Harry Potter heading to Hogwarts on his 11th birthday, and getting Hedwig as a birthday present. (Remember that Harry thought he was going to spend his birthday indoors and alone, too.)

Disney and Pixar have woven birthdays into several classics. The curse in SLEEPING BEAUTY takes effect on Aurora's 16th birthday, while DUMBO features the little elephant's actual day of "birth" and TOY STORY begins with the boy Andy getting Buzz Lightyear as a birthday present. And for the horror (and comedy!) fans, HAPPY DEATH DAY is the most wickedly funny birthday movie in recent years.

Those are just a few of the options that are out there — many are probably in your own personal movie library! The specific movie choice might not even matter; it's the celebration of a birthday, no matter the situation, that will make people in your family feel loved, and like things are a little less strange right now.

Want to plan some movie-inspired workouts at home?

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