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Unboxing the DC FanDome Loot Box

Unboxing the DC FanDome Loot Box


August 22nd marked the biggest event of the year for comic book fans: DC’s FanDome. The incredible 24-hour immersive virtual fan experience featured interviews with the actors behind DC's biggest superheroes, exclusive footage from upcoming releases, and access to some of our favorite DC comic book artists. Cinemark was lucky enough to receive a box representing the DC Universe, and we were the lucky ones who got to open it!

What’s a movie theater experience without something sweet to snack on? This box came packed with DC JellyBelly jellybeans, with the added bonus of an Aquaman Pez dispenser. (By the way, did you know none of Aquaman's scenes were filmed underwater? Actors performed in special harnesses, and extensive CG added the illusion of being submerged.)

With our sweet tooth satisfied we turned to the collectibles of DC's roster of heroes. First was a Funko Pop of the youngest member of the Justice League, The Flash. Did you know that DC claims The Flash is faster than Superman? Which technically would make The Flash also faster than a speeding bullet. He's speeding towards his own standalone movie, FLASHPOINT, which will also see the return of multiple former Batman actors.

Our go-to reading material always features several graphic novels, and DC sent Cinemark some of their best. I was thrilled to see Wonder Woman’s "The Just War," as well as the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman story "Tempest Tossed," by New York Times bestselling author Laurie Halse Anderson. Those are both good primers for the October 2 release of WONDER WOMAN 1984.

DC supplied even more Wonder Woman collectibles, including a Wonder Woman coffee mug aptly marked "Hero," and replicas of her signature Bracelets of Submission. These bracelets are magically made to be inscrutable by Aphrodite and could deflect bullets and energy weapons.

This box had it all and made for a great compliment to the DC FanDome event itself. Keep tabs on all your favorite DC superheroes as they come to theatres at!

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All images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

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