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Exclusive Interview: Tenet Star John David Washington

Exclusive Interview: Tenet Star John David Washington


After a longer wait than anyone anticipated, Christopher Nolan's new movie, TENET, is finally in theatres. John David Washington stars as an espionage agent who, after being pulled into a shadowy operation, learns about surprising new ways to manipulate time — and is asked to prevent World War III.

We spoke to John David Washington about the movie via a virtual junket for TENET. The actor, who works alongside Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine, and Kenneth Branagh, hinted at the movie's unique depiction of time and enthused about the experience of working with director Christopher Nolan.

And thanks in part to the cooperation between Nolan and IMAX, TENET "makes you feel like you're jolted into — that you're inserted into — this world, that the Protagonist is really one-to-one with the audience… We are him, having the experience at the same time."

Washington is careful not to spoil any of TENET's secrets in our conversation, so you can safely enjoy the video even if you haven't yet had a chance to see the movie.

Check out our full conversation with John David Washington:

TENET is in theatres now!

All images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

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