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Exclusive Interview: Honest Thief Stars Liam Neeson and Kate WalshheroImage

Exclusive Interview: Honest Thief Stars Liam Neeson and Kate Walsh

10/5/2020 • 2 min read

In HONEST THIEF, Liam Neeson is back on the big screen as a notorious bank robber who tries to cut a deal with the FBI. If he returns all the money he stole, he can reduce his sentence — and hopefully live out his life with the woman (Kate Walsh) he has fallen deeply in love with.

We spoke with both stars of the film at a virtual junket to see what first drew them to this complex story.

Liam Neeson said, “I loved the fact that this was, at a basic level, a beautiful love story. They’re certainly going to change their life, to have a second chance, to have a go, to make this thing work.” His co-star Kate Walsh chimed in to say, “The power and redemptive nature of love is just a really powerful theme. It’s very magnetic, for me (anyways), and I think for audiences too.”

Balancing the action-packed scenes with the love story was a feat accomplished by director and writer Mark Williams (“Ozark,” THE ACCOUNTANT), which earned him the admiration and praise of his cast. “He loves his actors,” Neeson said. “I like him very much, we’ve become pals.”  Kate Walsh echoed that sentiment, saying, “His zeal is very infectious, and he creates an incredible set. I think he really loves what he does.”

Check out our experience in the virtual junket for HONEST THIEF:




HONEST THIEF opens on October 16!


All images courtesy of Open Road Films.

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