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Exclusive: Black and Blue Filmmakers Tell Us How To Make A Movie Both Entertaining and Socially Relevant

Exclusive: Black and Blue Filmmakers Tell Us How To Make A Movie Both Entertaining and Socially Relevant


Not all action thrillers are meant to make you think about a larger problem in the world. But Deon Taylor’s latest movie BLACK AND BLUE is not your typical action thriller. Starring Naomie Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Mike Colter, Frank Grillo, and Nafessa Williams, BLACK AND BLUE follows a rookie cop, Alicia (Harris), on one of her first overnight shifts at her new gig as part of the New Orleans Police Department. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan and Alicia finds herself on-the-run from her colleagues after her police bodycam captures a group of crooked cops in action.

“I really connected with Alicia," said Harris. "I loved her moral conviction, how inspiring she was, and I also thought it was a fun movie but with a really timely message as well.”

“You don't normally get to read a screenplay that has all the jumps, all the crazy energy, all the gunfights – all the stuff that you love, and then at the center, there's a very strong and powerful message about being human,” said Taylor. “I read the script and said, 'Had I ever seen a movie in my life with an African American female lead playing a police officer?' It took me three days to figure out that it didn't exist.”

Taylor decided at that moment to make his movie, and now, BLACK AND BLUE is headed to a theater near you. See what else the stars and director of BLACK AND BLUE had to say.

Check out our full video interview below:

[Image credit: Screen Gems]

BLACK AND BLUE opens on October 25!

All images courtesy of Screen Gems.

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