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New Movies Opening on August 23

All the Movies at Cinemark on August 16, 2019

[Image Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures]

The Big Picture: All the Films in Theaters on August 23


Want to know what to see this weekend? We’ve got you covered! This column is our regular guide to all the new movies opening each week, from blockbusters to indies bursting with new talent, to eye-opening documentaries. Here’s everything new in theaters for the weekend of August 23.


Ready or Not

[Image Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures]

Samara Weaving, of Netflix's THE BABYSITTER, steps up into full-on action/horror heroism. Weaving plays Grace, a new bride who is in for a shock when her husband's old-money relatives specify one last thing before she'll be accepted into the family. Grace just has to survive a very deadly game of hide and seek, which runs from midnight to sunrise.


Angel Has Fallen

[Image Credit: Lionsgate]

Gerard Butler returns as Secret Service agent Mike Banning, the hero of OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and LONDON HAS FALLEN. This time, Banning is framed for a failed assassination attempt on the United States President. After escaping his own agency, the intrepid serviceman goes on the run to clear his name, and to uncover the true threat to the President.


Rush Cinema Strangiato 2019

[Image Credit: Trafalgar Releasing]

Playing one day only, on August 21, this “Inaugural Theatrical Fan Indulgence” (that’s the band’s phrase for it) features performances from Rush’s final tour, R40 LIVE, with songs such as “Closer to the Heart,” “Subdivisions,” “Tom Sawyer” and more. Fans will also be treated to previously unseen backstage moments, and interviews with artists such as Tom Morello, Billy Corgan and Taylor Hawkins.



[Image Credit: Affirm Films]

When a local plant shuts down, causing families to leave town in search of new opportunities, the harsh economic reality crushes the championship dreams of high school basketball coach John Harrison. That's how it seems at first, anyway. Then Coach Harrison takes on a cross-country team, and meets an aspiring athlete who is willing to push all her limits — and whose faith inspires the coach to attempt the impossible.

Come back next week for more new movies!

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