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Movies This Weekend: October 4

The Big Picture: All the Films in Theatres on October 4

The Big Picture: All the Films in Theatres on October 4


You have a lot of entertainment options for this weekend, but there's nothing like seeing a film on the big screen. Want to know what new movies are coming out, and which ones to watch this weekend? We’ve got you covered!

This column is our regular guide to all the best new movies opening each week, from blockbusters to indies bursting with new talent and eye-opening documentaries. Here’s everything new in theaters for the weekend of October 4.



[Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

Batman’s most iconic villain is seen an entirely new light. This gritty origin story, set in early '80s Gotham City, stars Joaquin Phoenix (HER) as Arthur Fleck, an aspiring comedian and introvert struggling to cope with his failures. Rejected by society, beaten by a group of thugs, and mocked by a late-night talk show host (Robert De Niro), Arthur is ultimately pushed over the edge, and a violent new persona emerges. Co-starring Zazie Beetz (DEADPOOL 2) and Marc Maron (“GLOW”), and directed by Todd Phillips (WAR DOGS), JOKER is destined to become one of the most talked-about movies of the year.

Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky

[Image Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures]

During a mission to space, astronaut Lucy (Natalie Portman) has a profound and astonishing experience that makes her life back on Earth look less than stellar. When she returns home, Lucy embarks on an affair with a fellow astronaut (Jon Hamm) as her grip on reality becomes dangerously loose, threatening to upend life as she knows it. Co-starring Dan Stevens (“Legion”) and Zazie Beetz (DEADPOOL 2), LUCY IN THE SKY is a thought-provoking new science-fiction drama from "Fargo" TV series creator Noah Hawley, which brings humanity to a notorious tabloid story.

Foreign Titles


[Image Credit: Phars Film]

We also have great films from India, the Philippines and China opening this week. These movies are all in their original languages, as noted, with English subtitles.

SYE RAA NARASIMHA REDDY: A historical action tale, pictured above, in which Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy starts a rebellion against the British East India Company. [In Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada; October 2]

WAR: This action/thriller starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff follows an Indian soldier assigned to eliminate his former mentor, who has gone rogue. [In Hindi, October 2]

ASURAN: The novel "Vekkai," by Poomani, is adapted into an action/drama with Dhanush and Manju Warrier in the lead roles. [In Tamil, October 4]

OPEN: A couple tries to freshen up their stale relationship by going "open." [In Filipino, October 4]

THE CLIMBERS: Members of the China Everest Climbing Commando make a new attempt to ascend the most difficult face of Mount Everest, after having failed multiple times before. [In Mandarin, October 4]

Come back next week for more new movies!

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