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Jennifer Lopez Has a New Hustle

The Cast of Hustlers

The Fierce Cast of Hustlers


The comedy/drama HUSTLERS, coming to theaters on September 13, almost looks like a companion story to MAGIC MIKE. This film tells a story all its own, however, and it is one with real-world resonance. Based on the true story recounted in a 2015 "New York Magazine" article, HUSTLERS follows a group of exotic dancers who hustled wealthy clients out of thousands of dollars during the financial crisis.

With an all-star ensemble led by Jennifer Lopez (who also produced), HUSTLERS is one of the most highly-anticipated films of September. Take a moment to get to know the women of HUSTLERS before they hustle their way into your heart.

Jennifer Lopez


[Image Credit: STX Films]

The artist also known as pop star J.Lo leads this fantastic cast of ladies. She plays Ramona Vega, a career stripper who helps orchestrate a scheme to bilk wealthy men out of their cash. Lopez, who got her start dancing as a “fly girl” on classic sketch series "In Living Color" before hitting the big time in SELENA, has built an entire industry on her name. Her work includes music, film and television acting, fragrances, and far more – but don’t worry, she’s still Jenny from the block. In addition to starring in HUSTLERS, Lopez also produced the film, which is directed by Lorene Scafaria (SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD).

Constance Wu


[Image Credit: STX Films]

You know Constance Wu for two huge roles. She was the star of last year’s hit film CRAZY RICH ASIANS, and has the lead role in the massively popular sitcom, "Fresh Off the Boat." In HUSTLERS, Wu plays Dorothy, a single mom who dances under the stage name Destiny. Strapped for cash and struggling to make ends meet, Destiny concocts a plan to rip off the wealthy clients at her strip club.

Cardi B

Cardi B in Hustlers

[Image Credit: STX Films]

Rapper, singer, songwriter: Cardi B is a woman of many talents. Now, she adds acting to her resume. In HUSTLERS, she plays a dancer named Diamond. Cardi B’s rise to the top has been swift and fierce, and it’s no surprise that the famed rapper was one of the first women cast in the film.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer in Hustlers

[Image Credit: STX Films]

Coming off her role in the acclaimed musical drama series "Star" is Keke Palmer, whose impressive resume includes television hits like "True Jackson," "VP," "Scream Queens," and the recent "Scream" miniseries on VH1.

Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart on Riverdale

[Image Credit: The CW]

Fans know Lili Reinhart best as Betty Cooper on "Riverdale," the CW’s wild series based on classic "Archie" comics. We'll see a much different side of Reinhart in HUSTLERS, in which she plays exotic dancer Annabelle.


Lizzo in Hustlers

[Image Credit: STX Films]

Although she’s been making music for years, Lizzo only recently broke into the mainstream with her mega-hit album, "Cuz I Love You." She's a rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, savvy social media personality… and she plays the flute! Lizzo is a force to be reckoned with, making her one of the most exciting members of this exceptional cast.

Trace Lysette

Trace Lysette on Transparent

[Image Credit: Amazon Studios]

Another awesome name on the roster is Trace Lysette, the transgender actress and activist whose credits include "Transparent" and "Pose." Lysette broke serious ground early in her career when she became one of the very first trans people to have a speaking role as a non-trans character on television. In HUSTLERS, Lysette plays another non-trans role, breaking even more ground for her community.

Madeline Brewer

Madeline Brewer on Orange Is the New Black

[Image Credit: Netflix]

With her recurring roles on "Orange Is the New Black" and "The Handmaid's Tale," Madeline Brewer has made quite a name for herself on the small screen. More recently, she has built an impressive film career, too. Last year, Brewer starred in the indie thriller CAM, about a woman who strips for men on the internet in exchange for money. This year she appears as a real live performer in HUSTLERS.

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles in Riviera

[Image Credit: Sky UK Limited]

Fulfilling the role of the journalist who wrote about this amazing true story is Julia Stiles, star of teen comedy hit 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU and the BOURNE IDENTITY franchise. More recently, Stiles stars on the Irish TV drama "Riviera."

All together, that's an ensemble we can't wait to see on the screen! HUSTLERS struts into theaters on September 13.

Interested in HUSTLERS?

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