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A New Christmas Classic

Last Christmas - Everything You Need to Know

Last Christmas - Everything You Need to Know

(Updated 11/01/2019)

We love a good romantic comedy, especially one set during Christmastime. How many times have we watched LOVE ACTUALLY to amplify that holiday spirit? (Answer: Too many times to count.) So it's easy to understand why we’re excited for LAST CHRISTMAS, a new romantic comedy set in London — a city that becomes impossibly magical during the holidays. This musical romance has the potential to become a new yuletide favorite. Here’s everything you need to know about LAST CHRISTMAS. And, yes, you should definitely be listening to the song while you read this.

The Last Christmas Release Date

Last Christmas Release Date

LAST CHRISTMAS comes out in time to really get us emotionally set for the holiday season. The film's release date is November 8. That's time to see it a couple of times before Thanksgiving!

Behold, the Utterly Adorable Trailer

The LAST CHRISTMAS trailer seems to sum up the movie quite nicely. It reveals the film's starry cast, led by "Game of Thrones" alum Emilia Clarke, and Henry Golding of CRAZY RICH ASIANS. It revels in the plum London-at-Christmas setting, and suggests a whole lot of comedic misadventures, as Clarke's character is painfully, hilariously unlucky in a way that only protagonists in a romantic comedy are. The trailer also does a terrific job of getting across the fact that this movie will have humor and heart. What could be better than that?

Is There a Supernatural Element?

Last Christmas Henry Golding Angel

Many Christmas-set classics also include some kind of supernatural element. Maybe it's a prophetic celestial visitation (as seen in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE or Nicolas Cage’s sweet FAMILY MAN) or simply the reality of the definitely-not-mythical Santa Claus.

The LAST CHRISTMAS trailer set off rampant speculation that the film has a supernatural thread woven into its story. In short, quite a few onlookers think that Golding's character could be an angel. Re-watch the trailer with that idea in mind, and you'll see where the idea comes from. Golding seems to appear magically in Clarke’s life, and even the way he sais, “It’s part of being a human” suggests something heavenly. Also, there’s the detail that Clarke’s character narrowly avoided death, lending the otherworldly theory even more credence. Even if this isn’t true at all (and director Paul Feig has suggested it is not), we’re still completely jazzed about the new movie.

An Impressive Lineup Behind the Scenes

Emilia Clarke in Last Christmas

LAST CHRISTMAS has a brilliantly stacked cast, with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding joined by such heavyweights as Golding’s CRAZY RICH ASIANS costar Michelle Yeoh and Broadway legend Patti LuPone. Emma Thompson also plays a key role — and how about that Russian accent!

Thompson pulls double-duty as the movie’s screenwriter (she penned the script with Bryony Kimmings) and one of the film's producers. Additionally, LAST CHRISTMAS is directed by Paul Feig, who already has one certifiable rom-com classic under his belt with BRIDESMAIDS. More recently, he directed one of last year’s best and most underrated movies, A SIMPLE FAVOR. All of this adds up to a movie that has a truly jaw-dropping roster in front of and behind the camera.

The Power of Wham!

Henry Golding in Last Christmas

One element that sets LAST CHRISTMAS apart from other rom-coms is that, as the trailer promises, the soundtrack is littered with George Michael jams. (Please let us take a moment to acknowledge that “Last Christmas” wasn’t a Michael solo affair but rather a song by his first band, Wham!.) It’s unclear how many George Michael songs are going to be in the final film, especially since the man had so many hits under his belt by the time of his tragic passing in 2016. (We’re crossing our fingers for “Freedom ’90.”)

The film will also feature at least one previously-unreleased George Michael song. That aspect alone makes it a must-see for fans. Feig’s regular collaborator Theodore Shapiro provides the musical score that weaves in between the songs. The fact that LAST CHRISTMAS is a Christmas-set romantic comedy that also doubles as a George Michael jukebox musical makes it too intoxicating to pass up.

It Was Actually Filmed at Christmas

Last Christmas Setting

LAST CHRISTMAS was announced in October of last year and is already ready to land in theaters, thanks to a speedy production that saw the film shoot in London from November 2018 to February 2019. That’s right – they actually filmed it during Christmas! This definitely adds some magic and authenticity, since all of the lights were actually strung up around the city. And if you see the actors’ breath, that’s not digital trickery, that’s the chilly London town atmosphere.

LAST CHRISTMAS will warm your heart on November 8!

All images courtesy of Universal Pictures.

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