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The New Characters of Frozen 2

Who Are the New Characters in Frozen 2?

Who Are the New Characters in Frozen 2?


Elsa and Anna are back, and they're not alone! Six years after defeating Hans and taking back Arendelle, the sisters return in FROZEN 2. The sequel, which opens on November 22, picks up three years after the first film. As it opens, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven are enjoying their life together as a family.

Danger comes knocking once again, however, when Elsa is drawn into an enchanted forest by a mysterious voice. She awakens the spirits of the forest, which then threaten Arendelle. This prompts the hero to journey into the magical land to save her people. Unwilling to let Elsa face that alone, Anna and the gang tag along for the adventure.

While FROZEN 2 features our favorite characters from the first film, it also introduces a bevy of fresh faces. Let’s get to know them.

Lt. Destin Mattias

Lt. Destin Mattias in Frozen 2

Mattias’ connection to Elsa and Anna dates back to before their births. 30 years before the film’s story, Destin was a lieutenant under Anna and Elsa’s grandfather. During a battle in the enchanted forest, he and his troops became trapped in the wood. Unable to escape, they were forced to settle in the forest. Years later, Elsa and Anna find him while venturing into the forest, which likely means he will provide our heroes with some important information related to their quest. Mattias is voiced by Sterling K. Brown.


Yelena in Frozen 2

Yelena acts as the leader of the Northuldra, a tribe that lives in the enchanted forest. Not much is known about Yelena, but she appears to know a lot about the mysterious voice Elsa and Anna are tracking. The character is voiced by Martha Plimpton.

Honeymaren and Ryder

Honeymaren and Ryder in Frozen 2

These two are members of the Northuldra tribe. Ryder is a happy-go-lucky guy who dreams of one day venturing out of the enchanted forest. He may end up becoming good friends with Kristoff since they share a love for reindeer. Ryder is voiced by Jason Ritter.

Honeymaren is Ryder’s sister. Much like Elsa, Ryder longs for adventure and excitement. Just like her brother and Yelena, much of the character’s backstory remains shrouded in mystery. According to Disney’s official description of the character, however, Honeymaren is on a mission to bring peace to her land. Honeymaren is voiced by Rachel Matthews.

Queen Iduna and King Agnarr

Queen Iduna and King Agnarr in Frozen 2

We know Iduna and Agnarr aren’t technically new characters since we met them in the first film, but Anna and Elsa’s parents have a much more prominent role in FROZEN 2. The film will offer some insight into their backstories, and expand on their relationship and motivations. Queen Iduna is voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, while King Agnarr is voiced by Alfred Molina.


Bruni in Frozen 2

Sven and Olaf aren’t the only adorable creatures in the Frozen universe anymore. FROZEN 2 will introduce audiences to Bruni, a playful (and heartwarming) salamander which is drawn to Elsa’s powers. Bruni lives in the enchanted forest, giving Anna and Elsa a better idea of the kind of creatures they can expect to find in the land.


Norwegian mythology in Frozen 2

As mentioned, Elsa and Anna will encounter four elemental spirits on their quest to save Arendelle. Nokk, which is based on Norse mythology, is the spirit of water. The creature, which inhabits and protects the Dark Sea, behaves much like a wild animal, and as hinted at in the trailer, it appears Elsa will work on taming it. Considering his power and rebelliousness, we assume she won’t have an easy time accomplishing it.


Gale in Frozen 2

The second one of the elements revealed so far is Gale, the wind spirit. Aside from a brief glimpse of her in the trailer, everything about Gale remains shrouded in mystery. Likewise, not much else is known about the other two spirits, Fire and Earth, but they’ll clearly also play a prominent role in the film.

Meet all these characters when FROZEN 2 opens on November 22!

All images courtesy of Walt Disney Animation.

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