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On the Ready or Not Red Carpet

Ready or Not Red Carpet

Cinemark Hits the Ready or Not Red Carpet


The new horror/comedy READY OR NOT premiered in Los Angeles on August 19, and Cinemark was there to speak to the cast on the red carpet!

In READY OR NOT, Samara Weaving stars as Grace, who has just married the love of her life in a lavish ceremony on the estate owned by his wealthy family. She discovers, however, that being accepted into the fold is not as easy as saying "I do."

At the premiere, we spoke to Andie MacDowell, who plays the mother of Grace's new husband. She told us that "it's a ritual in [their] life to play a game before someone is allowed into the family." Henry Czerny, who plays Grace's new father in law, Tony Le Domas, explained further. "There are lots of games to play — Monopoly, Parcheesi, Charades — but the game you don't want to have to play is hide and seek."

Ready or Not Le Domas Family

That's because the Le Domas version of hide and seek involves weapons and murder. It's a deadly game, with a final twist that might be even worse than death if Grace manages to survive. Producer James Vanderbilt says the film is based on a simple idea: "What is it like to meet the parents of someone you love, and what if those people turn out to be insane?"

READY OR NOT is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. They're part of a filmmaking collective called Radio Silence, which got its start making videos for YouTube. "Sometimes when you have two people directing something," says co-star Kristian Bruun, "there can be conflicting emotions and people butting heads. Matt and Tyler work so well together; they know what they want. It's like they have the same brain, it's a little crazy."

Even with all the violent scares, the cast emphasizes that READY OR NOT has a big comedy element. "With every scare," Samara Weaving says, "there's a punchline. It's fun!"

Check out our experience on the READY OR NOT red carpet:

See READY OR NOT at Cinemark now!

All images courtesy of Universal Pictures.

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