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The Summer Movie Clubhouse is a ten-week program of recently released G and PG films for kids. Day, times and weeks of the series are determined by the local theatre. A full list of participating theatres is listed at

A full list of the specific theatres and the films they are playing is located on the Summer Movie Clubhouse page. Select theatre location to see the film schedule for your preferred location.

The cost is $1 per person per movie at the door the morning of the program. A ten-week series punch card is available at the theatre box office or online at for $5, while supplies last, at participating theatres.

Yes. The price is the same for everyone, regardless of age.

Unfortunately because of seating availability we cannot allow cards to be used at other theatres, but only at the one where it was purchased.

Typically the answer is no. When you pick up your cards at the theatre they will ask you which day you prefer to come each week. This is primarily so we can be prepared for a certain number of customers each day. If you change out which day you or your group come each week we may not have room in the auditorium. But if you notify the manager in advance you need to switch out days they should be able to accommodate you.

No. The card is only valid on the films being showed that particular week in the Summer Movie Clubhouse program.

No. Only one person can receive admission per card each week. However, if you have four cards, for instance, and want to take 3 friends one week, then 3 different friends the next week, that is acceptable. As long as there is a card for each person each week, they will receive admission.

The list of participating theatres is determined in advance by our Operations Department based on past performance and whether or not another Cinemark Theatre in the area is already showing the program. In addition, theatres that are going through a remodel or renovation typically do not run the program that year. If you wish to have your local theatre participate next year, please let theatre management know.

Yes. Please contact the local manager for a group purchase of punch cards, while supplies last.

Yes you can! On the SMC home page you’ll then be presented with a list of all participating theatres. Click on the theatre you prefer, then purchase the quantity you’ll want. You will be given a code to take to the theatre to redeem for cards that you can use for all ten weeks. As an added bonus for purchasing the online bundle, there is a special offer for the concession stand which can be used all ten weeks!

Some theatres have Luxury Lounger seating which means they will have limited number of seats in their auditoriums. Therefore they will only sell punch cards at the box office to keep track of seat counts, if they desire. Some of those theatres with Luxury Loungers will not be selling Punch Cards online.

No you cannot. The Punch Cards mush be redeemed each week at the Theatre Box Office for admission.

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