Super League Gaming

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Test Your skills, make new friends, and #FIGHTFORYOURCITY

Super League Gaming, the world’s first in-theater recreational video game league, enables kids to take their love of gaming beyond the living room walls and into the fun, social atmosphere of the movie theatre. Starting March 11th and running for four consecutive Saturdays, kids can join the their city league and play in Super League’s City Champs, an event taking place in a dozen cities across the country.

City Champs is a multi-week competition in which gamers from across the country represent their home team in a city vs. city battle to become the national champions! Players will compete in 7 unique game modes: mayhem, domination, workshop, soccer, walls, crystal crater and zombies.

How it Works


Players compete on teams but are ranked individually for a chance to be invited to the Playoffs and represent your city team.


Players who qualify for the Playoffs are assigned to 5-player teams based on their performance in Qualifiers. Multiple 5-player teams make up your City Team. The top City Team from each division moves on to the Grand Final.

Grand Final

The final 4 City Teams compete to become the national champions!

Match Schedule

March 11
10:30 AM

March 18
10:30 AM

March 25
10:30 AM

April 1
10:30 AM


Participating Theatres Locations:

Los Angeles - Cinemark Playa Vista and XD
Redwood City - Redwood Downtown 20 and XD

Boulder - Century Boulder

Woodridge - Cinemark at Seven Bridges

Davie - Cinemark Paradise 24 and XD

Dallas - Cinemark 17 and IMAX
Houston - Cinemark Memorial City