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Give your brand a starring role at the movies. Including the movies in your marketing plan has never been more efficient, consistent and turnkey.

Benefits of Cinema Advertising:

  • Unmatched ad environment – Large screen, HD image and surround sound
  • Exclusive pre-show Noovie · On-site lobby and digital opportunities
  • Engaged audience – no access to ad skipping devices
  • Association with blockbuster films
  • Higher recall, likeability and intent scores than other traditional media
  • Affordable rates; turn-key opportunities

Theatre and Lobby Screens

Pre-Show On-Screen Advertising

Everyone is going to the movies like never before! Reach them today by advertising on-screen with NCM Media Networks.

The NCM Cinema Network offers your brand complete access to moviegoers at every step in the movie-going process. From our world-class pre-show, Noovie, to our engaging lobby promotions and lobby entertainment network, we offer fun, dynamic advertising marketing opportunities on a national and local/regional level. Everyone loves the movies. Let NCM make them love your brand.

Lobby Entertainment Network (LEN)

The Lobby Entertainment Network (LEN) captures the attention of patrons through a sight, sound and motion network of 42-inch flat screens in high-traffic areas of the lobbies. The LEN extends a brand message's reach beyond the movie theatre auditorium and into the high-traffic areas of our lobbies. Programming on The LEN consists of a 25-minute repeating loop filled with five branded content segments, with advertising pods in-between each segment.

The LEN screens are the perfect place to surround moviegoers with your message and when combined with on-screen advertising, can help boost already high levels of cinema recall.

Lobby Advertising

Posters, Signs and Banners

  • Poster Cases: Deliver your message in one of our backlit poster display cases.
  • Standees: Advertise in 3D with a high impact standee! Attention grabbing lobby standees are sure to catch the moviegoer's eye.
  • Counter Cards: Displayed prominently in high traffic areas in our theatres, a counter card may be just the right answer.
  • Lobby Displays: A free standing until placed in a highly visible area in our theatre lobby where patrons may fill out forms, will certainly be noticed by moviegoers.
  • Banners, Static Clings, Danglers, Vehicle Displays and More: No matter how you advertise in a Cinemark Theatre, your message is sure to get across.

Box Office Handouts, Exit Samples and Tabling Promotions

  • Box Office Handouts: Get your special offer into potential customers hands. Our staff will distribute coupons at the time of ticket purchase or upon exit.
  • Exit Sampling: Capture every moviegoers' attention by sampling your product in our high-traffic areas or at our box office. Everyone loves a freebie.
  • Tabling Promotions: Interact with potential customers as you provide product information, demonstrate a new product line or sign up new clients.

Concession Merchandising

Popcorn Bags

Attention grabbing popcorn bags and tubs carry your company's message to moviegoers throughout the theatre. Advertisers can tie in popcorn bags, tubs and cups with other in-theatre lobby and onscreen advertising to impact consumers in all areas of the theatre.

Popcorn Tubs

The large popcorn tub stands apart from other advertising pieces due to sheer size and volume. What better way to make an impact?!

Movie Snack Packs

Movie snack packs reach a targeted audience of kids and their parents that continue to entertain long after the movie is over. Movie snack packs may be the perfect portion and most popular amongst the kids but teenagers, adults and seniors enjoy them as well.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

Summer Movie Clubhouse

Cinemark is seeking sponsors to join us in hosting the Annual Summer Movie Clubhouse series. Averaging over 800,000 in annual attendance, this 10-week film festival for children showcases the best "G" and "PG" rated films on weekday mornings. For more information please call (972) 665-1032 or e-mail [email protected].

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