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Experience Extraordinary at Cinemark

Experience Extraordinary. Premium seating, sight & sound. Technology at Cinemark



At Cinemark, we believe nothing compares to seeing movies the way they were truly intended—BIG. Every visit to our theatre is a larger-than-life experience, delivered to you with the latest in sight, sound and seating technology that puts you in the middle of all the action. Feel the vibrance of every scene. Hear every sound effect with breathtaking clarity. Immersive yourself in a world that’s unforgettably cinematic.



The ultimate movie-watching experience

There are auditoriums—and then there are Cinemark XD auditoriums. What’s the difference? Wall-to-wall screens with images so sharp, every scene draws you into a new world. Custom, 11-layer surround-sound that’s so crisp, the slightest whisper sends ripples across your skin. Colors so bright and realistic, your favorite actor is practically sharing your popcorn.
Upgrade to Cinemark XD on your next visit and immerse yourself in the movies.


Immersive cinematic motion seats

D-BOX removes the line between you and the screen, creating a hyper-realistic, immersive experience that pulls you into the story. Your seat moves with the movie, so you can feel power and awe every scene. Using the latest in haptic motion technology, D-BOX provides feedback to the whole body and sparks the imagination through motion.
Upgrade D-BOX seating and become one with the movie.

Luxury Loungers

The ultimate movie-watching experience

Immersing yourself in the big screen experience starts the moment you sit back in our spacious, reclining Luxury Loungers with extendable footrests. At the touch of a button, your seat is adjustable to a variety of positions for your most perfect comfort level. In addition, each auditorium is designed for optimal viewing from every seat in the house. Many Cinemark theatres also feature heated Luxury Loungers for a touch of added coziness.

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Films to the fullest

Crystal-clear images that pull you into the movie. Laser-aligned digital sound that envelops you from beginning to end. With IMAX, every element comes together with precision—for a movie experience that delivers maximum intensity.

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Laser. Like you've never seen.

Laser projection technology brings the movies to life with the sharpest, most vivid images ever. Brighter colors and deeper contrast create scenes that jump out and immerse you in the movies.

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