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For the last 100 years, the theatre experience has remained more-or-less the same: One screen, one angle, end of story. ScreenX is changing all of that.

What is Screen X?

By projecting exclusive bonus footage onto two additional surfaces during specific scenes of the movie, ScreenX pulls viewers deeper into the action. Turn your next moviegoing experience into a 270-degree tour de force of dazzling content, and be immersed in the world’s hottest blockbusters like never before. It’s not a gimmick—it’s a revolution.

ScreenX releases 18-22 films per year. Check your local showtimes.

Step into the world of ScreenX today.

Find ScreenX Theater Near You:

Milpitas - Cinemark Century Great Mall 20 XD and ScreenX
Plano - Cinemark West Plano XD and ScreenX
San Jose - Cinemark Century Oakridge 20 XD and ScreenX
Cinemark Tinseltown Las Palmas XD and ScreenX
El Paso - Cinemark West El Paso XD and ScreenX
Lancaster - Cinemark Lancaster IMAX and ScreenX
Richmond - Cinemark Long Meadow and XD, IMAX, ScreenX
Columbia - Cinemark Columbia Snowden and ScreenX

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Premium upcharges vary per location

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