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RealD 3D: Step into a New Dimension

More Detail. More Depth. More Dimension.

This is RealD 3D.

RealD 3D

RealD 3D is an immersive 3D movie experience powered by sophisticated, cutting-edge screen and visual plane technology. 3D technology enables filmmakers to create space, scale, intimacy and emotion while enhancing the audience experience.

Enhanced Storytelling Technology

RealD is the global pioneer in digital 3D projection technology, and its patented "Light Doubling" technology offers the brightest, crispest, most immersive 3D presentation available, allowing audiences to truly fully experience the filmmakers' vision. Utilizing breathtaking 144 frame-per-second projection, and polarization filters to allow the human eye to process vivid imagery. RealD's circular polarized glasses provide a smooth and comfortable 3D viewing experience.

RealD 3D puts you at the edge of your seat and on the precipice of an entirely new world.

Watch 3D Movies In RealD 3D At Cinemark Near You


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