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'Twas the Twilight before Christmas

You asked, we answered. Back by popular demand, collectible Ghostface popcorn tubs, plushies and cups are now available for online purchase. Get yours before they’re gone, and don't miss Scream VI, in theatres 3/10.

Merchandise will be available for online purchase and will be mailed out to guests starting in August (not available in theatres).


Q: Where do I pre-order the Scream VI tub, beverage buddies, and plush?

Q: How much is the Scream VI tub?
A: $19.99 + applicable taxes and shipping cost

Q: How much is the Scream VI Beverage Buddy 2-pack?
A: $23.99 + applicable taxes and shipping cost

Q: How much is the Scream VI Plush?
A: $17.99

Q: When will my merchandise ship?
This is a pre-order that will be manufactured once the sale closes on 3/17 at midnight and ship out in August.

Q: Can I purchase 1 beverage buddy?
A: No, these are only available in a 2- pack.

Q: Do I have to pay shipping and tax on all merchandise that I order?
A: Yes, each item will be sold separately and are subject to taxes and shipping costs.

Q: Is the Scream VI merchandise available in-theatre?
A: No, we sold out of this merchandise in-theatres. This is an online only pre-sale.

Q: How long do I have to purchase a Scream VI tub, beverage buddy or plush?
A: The pre-sale will run through 3/17 at midnight CT.

Q: How will I receive my Scream VI tub, beverage buddy, or plush?
A: The merchandise will be mailed directly to your house.

Q: Is this available internationally?
A: Yes, this can be mailed internationally for an additional shipping cost. 

Q: Will my movie club discount apply to this tub or beverage buddy?
A: No, movie club discounts will not work for this item.

Q: Can I bring my tub to the theatre and get it filled with popcorn?
A: No, this tub is a collectible and does not come with popcorn. We will not be filling these inside of the theatre.

Q: Can I bring my beverage buddy to the theatre and get it filled?
A: No, this cup is a collectible and does not come with a drink. We will not be filling these inside the theatre

Online only. Presale ends 3/17.

Snacks In a Tap

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