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Discount Tuesdays

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As a member, you'll earn points towards free tickets and more! Earn 1 point per $1 spent, access member exclusives like advance screenings and early tickets, and redeem points for rewards like tickets, concessions, and swag.

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Q: What is Discount Tuesday?

A: Discount Tuesdays is an offer now available exclusively to members of Cinemark Movie Rewards (CMR). As a member, use your membership online or at the theatre box office to receive a discount from the regular weekday price on the tickets you purchase – only on Tuesdays.

Q: Are there any restrictions on which Tuesdays are eligible for Discount Tuesday pricing?

A: Discount Tuesdays pricing may not be offered on select holidays if they fall on a Tuesday.

Q: Are any movies excluded from Discount Tuesdays pricing?

A: Movies releasing on Tuesdays and special engagement films and events are excluded from Discount Tuesdays.

Q: What formats are eligible for Discount Tuesdays pricing?

A: All formats are eligible for Discount Tuesdays pricing. Cinemark XD, 3D, RealD 3D, DBOX, and IMAX tickets are adjusted by their corresponding upcharge.

Q: How do I receive Discount Tuesdays ticket prices?

A: You can receive Discount Tuesdays ticket pricing by either: 1) scanning your CMR membership ID or providing the phone number/email address associated with your CMR account while purchasing tickets at the theatre box office, or 2) signing in to your account online or in the app.

Q: I’m not yet a member of Cinemark Movie Rewards. Will I receive the discount if I sign up at the theatre?

A: Yes, on your first visit following the launch of Discount Tuesdays, you can provide your name and email address at the box office to begin the CMR enrollment process and receive your discount. However, in order to continue to receive the Discount Tuesdays ticket price from your next visit, you must complete your CMR enrollment via the email you’ll receive at the address you provided at the box office.

Q: My theatre’s Discount Day has been on a different day than Tuesday in the past. Will that change?

A: Yes, all Cinemark theatres across the country will be moving their Discount Day to Tuesday, and will require membership in Cinemark Movie Rewards to be eligible to receive the Discount Tuesdays ticket prices.

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