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Movie Club FAQ - Credits & Ticketing

It’s pretty simple. Cinemark Movie Club members receive one credit per month as long as they have an active membership. Each credit is valid for one ticket to a regular 2D movie at all Cinemark theatres (upcharges may apply in certain theatres). Plus, you can upgrade your ticket to a premium format for a small upcharge. Unused credits roll over and never expire for active members.

The same way you do now! Purchase in the Cinemark App, online at or scan your QR code at the Box Office to get your member price.

Absolutely! However, there may be an additional upcharge for premium formats such as XD, 3D, IMAX, D-Box and Reserve locations, as well as special events.

Oh yeah! Members can enjoy our premium recliner experience for any regular 2D movie shown in our reclined theatres. Sit back, relax and enjoy the savings!

A member can use any number of available credits in a single ticket transaction. However, the number of transactions is limited to three (3) per day.

Nope! Member discounts apply every day Cinemark theatres are open.

One member ticket and one companion ticket can be purchased at the member price for any 2D movie throughout the month after available credits have been redeemed. Additional tickets beyond member and companion tickets are at the price published by the theatre for the showtime.

Yes. A ticket purchased with a credit can be refunded back for a credit before the showtime begins and can be used to purchase another ticket.

You can get your tickets refunded by logging in to your account on or at the theatre box office up until the start of the showtime.

Tickets and credits may be canceled for a full refund up until the start of the showtime.

At this time, credits can be redeemed only via the Cinemark App, on, or at the Box Office.

No. Tickets can be purchased anywhere, anytime via the Cinemark App, on, or at the Box Office.

Yes. Members can purchase one member ticket and one additional companion ticket for any regular 2D movie throughout the month at the member price. Additional tickets beyond the member tickets and the companion tickets are priced at the ticket price published by the theatre for the showtime.

Absolutely. Cinemark Movie Club members can share their tickets with anyone they want.

Member pricing and benefits are only available on, the Cinemark App and at the theatre Box Office.

Members can purchase one companion ticket for the member price at the destination theatre for any regular 2D movie for each visit. Don’t forget- you can also upgrade your ticket to a premium format, like XD, 3D, IMAX and D-Box for a small upcharge. 

Member price varies by theatre location: 

$9.99 plus applicable taxes at theatres in CA, OR, WA, ID and AK. 
$8.99 plus applicable taxes at theatres in the rest of the US. 

As an example, companion ticket prices at any theatre in CA, OR, WA and AK will be $9.99 since the member price in those states is $9.99. Therefore, even if your monthly membership fee is $8.99, you will pay $9.99 for the companion ticket if you visit a theatre in any of these five states.

Available credits are shown on your member account details at and at the top of the Cinemark App's home screen when signed in.

Save them for later, of course! All unused credits roll over and don’t expire for active members. If an account is terminated or canceled, the credits remain available for use for a period of one hundred eighty (180) days.

Credits themselves cannot be transferred to another member. However, you can use any available credits to purchase regular 2D tickets for yourself or for any companion, family member or friend.

Log into your Cinemark account and select the ticket for the desired showtime. The available credits will be automatically applied to the tickets in the shopping cart.

No. Movie Club members have the option to use available credits, or pay the listed ticket price at any time. If you have available credits but do not wish to use them for a particular transaction, uncheck the “apply credits” box in the shopping cart to save the credit(s) for a future transaction.  Note:  Member pricing for purchased tickets applies only after all available credits have been used.

No. Credits may not be partially used; the entire credit is used in booking one ticket.

Yes. You can purchase tickets and reserve seats in advance with your available credits—just like you would for any movie via the Cinemark App,, or at the Box Office.

Nope! Fees are waived for all online purchases from the Cinemark App and for active Movie Club members.

Yes. Where reserved seating is available, Movie Club members can select seats in advance without online fees.

After redeeming your points for a free ticket, it will populate as a “Credit” on your account. Movie Club members can use these credits in addition to, and in the same way as, their monthly movie credit toward any regular 2D movie at all Cinemark theatres (upcharges may apply in certain theatres). You can upgrade any ticket to a premium format for a small upcharge. Credits issued to active Movie Club members never expire. If a Movie Club member cancels his/her subscription, the credit will expire after 6 months.