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Cinemark Theatre Church FAQ

Q: Will the message be presented live by the campus pastor or by video?
A: The message will be presented in person. Internet is not yet available for streaming live services.

Q: Can anyone not attending church in the theatre wait in the lobby or hallways?
A: We ask that everyone remain in the rented space. There are no classes or childcare in the lobby or hallways.

Q: What documentation does the church need to provide in order to rent a theatre?
A: Church will provide documentation of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit status and proof of general liability insurance and include Cinemark USA, Inc. as an additional insured. Coverage amounts should be a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.

Q: When is the theatre available to rent for church service?
A: Weekly church rentals take place on Sunday morning.

Q: How long are the terms of the contract?
A: Contracts are for a one-year term. A shorter contract, such as 6 months, may be available.

Q: Who provides the audio/visual equipment?
A: Church will provide all audio/visual equipment required. Cinemark equipment, including the auditorium sound system, is not available for rent. All church audio/visual equipment is set up inside the auditorium. Church may use the screen in the auditorium, but access to the projection booth is not available.

Q: Is WiFi available in theatres?
A: Internet is not available, but you may bring a hotspot. Please be aware that hotspots aren’t always reliable inside the theatre.

Q: Can a portion of the lobby be rented?
A: The lobby is not rented space. A portion of the lobby may be available for a welcome area as church members arrive – subject to theatre’s normal opening time. Church may bring in coffee and donuts to set up during meet-and-greet time. No other outside food or beverages are allowed. Church should bring all tables and chairs needed for the welcome area. The lobby must be cleared each Sunday before the theatre opens to the public.
NOTE: If the lobby is not available due to theatre operations, space may be available for a welcome area near the rented auditorium(s).

Q: Can a table be set up in the hallway to greet guests?
A: No, other than a possible check-in table outside the children’s auditorium, hallways must remain clear at all times.

Q: Will our church have access to the entire building?
A: No, your rental will be for specific auditorium(s). In most cases, the theatre will be open for business and showing movies in other auditoriums before the church rental ends.

Q: Is on-site storage available?
A: On-site storage is not available.

Q: Can our church rearrange items in lobby?
A: At times there may be in-theatre promotions or exhibits (movie standees, vehicle in lobby, etc.) taking place that cannot be removed or displaced.

Q: Can our church put up signage to direct guests to correct theatre?
A: Directional signage inside the theatre is fine, but it must be taken down before the theatre opens to the public. Outdoor signage is prohibited.

Q: What items are prohibited inside the theatre?
A: Items such as a portable baptistery, bounce house, fog/haze machine, flame candles, etc. are not allowed at the theatre.

Q: Are there any zoning issues or special permits required?
A: While Cinemark is not aware of any zoning issues or special permits required, we suggest you check with the City. If there is ever an issue and the City contacts Cinemark, we will comply with any City requirements.

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