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New Special Movie Events to See in Theatres This Season

9/15/2021 • 4 min read

(Updated 11/11/2022)

Looking for a special experience at the movie theater? Cinemark has you covered with an impressive roster of anniversary screenings and special event programming.

In the next few weeks, we have multiple musical documentaries, stage shows and retrospectives, live wrestling events, and an anniversary screening of fantasy classic THE DARK CRYSTAL.

Here are the best special movie special events you can see at Cinemark now and in the weeks to come.

To Kill A Mockingbird 60th Anniversary presented by TCM

Scout Finch (Mary Badham), 6, and her older brother, Jem (Phillip Alford), live in sleepy Maycomb, Ala., spending much of their time with their friend Dill (John Megna) and spying on their reclusive and mysterious neighbor, Boo Radley (Robert Duvall). When Atticus (Gregory Peck), their widowed father and a respected lawyer, defends a black man named Tom Robinson (Brock Peters) against fabricated rape charges, the trial, and tangent events expose the children to the evils of racism and stereotyping.

[November 13]


PROPHET is a new feature film about Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński - the Primate of Poland, who, after three years of imprisonment at the hands of the communist regime, is later restored as the head of the Church in Poland. The film brings to a wider view the unknown threads from the heroic life of Cardinal Wyszyński on the canvas of historical events important for Poland and the world. The film depicts an adamant who was fearless in facing communists and their agenda is to destroy the Church. Despite the threats, Cardinal Wyszyński is a man of great faith whose vision goes beyond the danger posed by his opponents. What does the PROPHET see? He sees Karol Wojtyła, who will be nominated a bishop, and later cardinal upon his request. In 1978 Karol Wojtyła became Pope and played a major role in the collapse of communism in Europe. The unwavering faith and consistent attitude of one of the greatest spiritual leaders in Poland along with his promotion of love, freedom, and the dignity of every person become a prologue to the fall of communism and a spiritual rebirth of Poland and Eastern Europe. Added value includes interviews from historians and other experts who share about the life, impact, and legacy of Cardinal Wyszyński. You will hear from women who supported his activities that effectively led Poland to freedom and spiritual renewal.

[November 15, in Polish with English Subtitles]

Liam Gallagher Knebworth 22

Earlier this year Liam Gallagher defied all expectations and returned to Knebworth, some 26 years following Oasis’ historic 1996 shows. Performing to 170,000 fans across two sold-out nights in one of the first major stage shows following the pandemic, this year’s event coincided with a third solo album, C’mon You Know, attaining Liam’s third number-one spot for a studio release in the album charts. Knebworth 22 is a new feature-length documentary that traces Liam back to the site of his former band’s defining performances, including all-new interviews, behind the scenes and concert footage captured from 20 camera positions. The film also goes a little bit further, seeking out stories and perspectives from collaborators and fans of different generations from around the world, transposing the emotional and social context of the 90s’ shows versus the tumult of our current era.

[November 17]

The Mighty Nein Reunited

Limited Nov 17, 2022 Limited Dec 1, 2022

In this one-of-a-kind event the cast of Critical Role will reprise their roles as The Mighty Nein several months after the conclusion of the campaign. Our unsung heroes of The Mighty Nein have started new chapters in their lives. However, when some discover that there are still old chapters yet to be closed, our heroes will need to reunite for more stories untold…

[Part One on November 17, Part Two on December 1.]

The Chosen Season 3: Episodes 1 & 2

What now? After Jesus completes a sermon that turns the world upside down, all 12 disciples (including newcomer Judas) are ready to follow him to the ends of the earth. But problems remain. Matthew wrestles with estrangement from his family. Andrew visits an imprisoned John the Baptist. Mary and the women must find a source of income. Simon and Eden face the costs of following Jesus. Most importantly, the disciples face their biggest challenge yet when Jesus sends them out, two by two, to preach and perform miracles without him. Episodes 1 & 2 of Season Three pick up where Season Two left off, and in this unique theatrical experience, launch the most emotional and consequential season of The Chosen to date. Added value includes a special message from the director, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and a special music video.

[November 18]

AEW Full Gear (2022)

The Hunt for Power Lies in the Gold when MJF, Moxley, Hangman Page, Dr. Britt Baker, Jericho, Darby, Sting, Hook, Jade, Bryan Danielson, FTR, Toni Storm, Kingston & more will battle LIVE at AEW Full Gear in a theater near you!

[November 19]

It’s Christmas Again

Jake Young (Lawson Toluates) wants nothing more than to spend his Christmas vacation with his girlfriend, Abbey Walker (Leela Owen). So, when Abbey volunteers for her church’s Christmas play, Jake is ready to skip Christmas this year until an unexpected turn of events lands him in a field outside Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born. While on his journey with the shepherds to find the promised Messiah, Jake discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Coming this Christmas season, IT’S CHRISTMAS AGAIN is a modern-day musical the whole family will love! Added value includes fun interviews with cast members revealing their favorite holiday memories, their favorite Christmas movie, etc., and some behind-the-scenes moments. After the movie, we’ll see what it takes to be a finalist in the It’s Christmas Again singing competition. There will be interviews with the three finalists and performances in front of music producers and cast. We’ll also reveal the winner. Woven throughout, you’ll see more of the process of making the movie and finish with an audience sing-along.

[November 29]

Portrait Of The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II was the most photographed, the most loved and talked about, spied upon, praised, criticized, popular woman on the planet. All over the globe and in every moment of her long life, which came to an end at the age of 96, people have always wanted to watch her through a peephole, discover new things about her, get to know her better, connect with her and understand her. Portrait of the Queen offers an original portrayal of the story of The Queen from a totally new perspective: through the most intense, amazing, revealing photographic portraits of her, as shared by the extraordinary photographers who accompanied and often created the image of the British monarchy itself.

[November 30]


NCT DREAM present their first film NCT DREAM THE MOVIE: In A DREAM in movie theaters worldwide. The brand-new film features high-energy performances with the seven members captured during their second solo concert, “NCT DREAM TOUR 'THE DREAM SHOW2: In A DREAM,” at the iconic Olympic Stadium, the largest stadium in South Korea and the dream venue for music artists. This unmissable event also includes behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive backstage interviews, and a look at the future the members envision away from the stage!

[November 30]

I Heard the Bells

I HEARD THE BELLS tells the inspiring true story behind the beloved Christmas carol and the life of its author, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This holiday season, discover the resounding hope of rekindled faith in this debut feature by Sight & Sound Films. Added value includes exclusive interviews with the cast and director!

[December 1]

Neil Young: Harvest Time

Fifty-year-old archival footage showcases Neil Young recording his classic album "Harvest" in Northern California, London, and Nashville.

[December 1]

The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute

This delightful performance of the Met’s abridged, English-language version of Mozart's enchanting fairy tale returns to cinemas this holiday season.

[December 3]

The Dark Crystal 40th Anniversary

Another world, another time… in the age of Wonder. From genius filmmaker Jim Henson comes The Dark Crystal, a masterful live-action fantasy starring some of the most imaginative creatures ever put on film. Many years ago, the mysterious Crystal was cracked, and an age of chaos began, led by the evil race of Skeksis who rule over the land of Thra. Meanwhile, raised in solitude by a gentle race of creatures called the Mystics, the Gelfling orphan Jen, is sent on a quest to find the missing shard that will heal the Dark Crystal and restore balance to the universe. Added value includes a brand-new introduction from Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company, who will reflect on the making of this groundbreaking film and its dedicated fandom, as well as the legacy of her father, Jim Henson.

[December 4]

Broadway Rising

There is no New York without Broadway. It’s both a landmark and a community, an industry, and a people, making magic in a dark theater eight times a week. During the pandemic, over 96,000 people lost their jobs, and an entire ecosystem of small businesses was brought to a standstill. BROADWAY RISING tells the story of the Broadway community and its harrowing journey back to the stage following the COVID-19 shutdown. This feature documentary brings everyone into the spotlight-from the costume makers to the ushers, to the producers, to the stars. Herculean challenges are not new to Broadway. It has weathered 9/11; the arrival of the booming motion picture and television industry; and the devastation of AIDS on a generation of artists. But when full-time employees whose livelihoods depend upon Broadway found themselves suddenly and completely unemployed–it was a steep hill to climb back to opening night. This is their story, from early quiet moments of anxiety and self-reflection to the determination that “the show must go on,” and finally the triumph of September 12, 2021, opening night.

[December 5]

Check out more special events coming soon!

All images courtesy of Universal Pictures .

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