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Image for 00 Renaissance Beyonce Hero

Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Movie Comes to Cinemark

10/3/2023 • 4 min read

(Updated 10/10/2023)Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé | Cinemark

The scale and spectacle of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour is incredible. Chances are you know this because you saw friends posting videos and pictures on TikTok and Instagram rather than because you were able to be there yourself. It was a difficult ticket to get! The queen Bey is smiling down on everyone now, however, and she’s bringing the Renaissance Tour to movie screens in the United States.

RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ will take you backstage, and on the stage of her gigantic stadium tour, but Ram may do October final stop in Kansas City, Missouri. That’s where the announcement of the film was made, and First Fetid Sharon. Now you can see that trailer below, and get all the other information you have about renaissance movie.

When Does Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Movie Come Out?

The new Beyonce movie RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ opens on November 30! Tickets are on sale now.

Watch the Trailer for Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé

"Star over, start fresh. Create the new. That's what the renaissance is about." This trailer promises a lot more than a stage show. RENAISSANCE is going to be a full look inside the working life of one of the biggest stars on the planet — and judging by the degree to which Beyoncé's kids are in this footage, into her family, too.

Is This Movie the Renaissance Visual Album?

No and, to some degree, yes. RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ is a concert film with backstage documentary footage, and it has been crafted to be watched in one sitting. But it's true that, unlike previous albums, Bey has yet to release official videos for the songs on "Renaissance." Variety reported that footage in the movie will include "the long-awaited videos shot for the visual album “Renaissance.”

So the Renaissance Tour movie is going to be the best way for fans to get up-close and detailed looks at the amazing costumes and lewks that Beyoncé wore on stage.

What Songs Are in the Renaissance Tour Movie?

Beyond the snippets heard in the trailer, we don't know yet! Expect most if not all of the songs from "Renaissance" to turn up in the movie, especially if it partially stands as the "Renaissance" visual album.

And since the tour was a career-spanning and genre-hopping show broken into several different acts we expect to hear songs that go all the way back to Beyoncé's R&B origins, and through her big hits that followed.

How Long Is Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé?

We don't know how long the RENAISSANCE movie is at this point. Since the stage show ran between two and a half and three hours, it's likely that the movie will fall into the same range.

What Is Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Movie Rated?

There's no rating for RENAISSANCE yet. Since it's not a traditional movie, and therefore not necessarily subject to oversight by the MPAA, it may go out to theatres unrated. That said, Bey's approach is often very family-oriented (as seen by the inclusion of her family in the trailer) so it is not likely to be a show aimed only at adults.


RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ opens on November 30.

All images courtesy of AMC, Beyoncé, and Parkwood Entertainment.

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