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Six Reasons We’re Crying To See Boss Baby: The Family BusinessheroImage

Six Reasons We’re Crying To See Boss Baby: The Family Business

11/24/2020 • 3 min read

Three years ago, we fell in love with a take-no-prisoners, business-oriented infant voiced by Alec Baldwin. We’ve seen our share of movie babies - even ones who can talk - but never one as cute and weirdly grown-up as THE BOSS BABY.

The time has now arrived for the Boss Baby universe to expand with BOSS BABY: THE FAMILY BUSINESS. In this sequel, the Boss Baby and his brother Tim are adults, but Tim’s daughter Tina, voiced by Amy Sedaris, is ready to step into the infant-sized C-Suite. Furthermore, Tim and his brother get turned back into children, so there are Boss Babies all over the place! Will this new situation deliver the magic that made the first Boss Baby so special? We’ll find out when the film comes to theatres on September 17, 2021. For now, here are six reasons we can't wait to see BOSS BABY: THE FAMILY BUSINESS.

The Plot

It’s wild that, instead of crafting a second movie in which Alec Baldwin plays a business-savvy, no-nonsense infant, his character has been aged him into adulthood before going back to being an infant through some Boss Baby magic. On top of that, this is not just a new Boss Baby movie, but one featuring an entirely new character to interact with the original. That’s double the Boss Baby for your buck!

Six Reasons We’re Crying To See Boss Baby: The Family Business Section3Image

The Returning Voice Cast

The return of Alec Baldwin is a key element, especially since we get to hear his work as both a baby and a grown-up this time. There may be competition from a new boss baby here, but he’s still the "voice" of the series. Also coming back are Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow as the Templeton parents. A sizable number of new actors are joining the series, but enough performers from the first film will be back to ensure that BOSS BABY: THE FAMILY BUSINESS feels familiar.

Six Reasons We’re Crying To See Boss Baby: The Family Business Section4Image

The New Voice Cast

There are a lot of new players this time! For starters, James Marsden is replacing Toby Maguire as the adult Tim. Eva Longoria plays his wife, Carol. And, crucially the hilarious Amy Sedaris voices the film’s main baby, Tina. Just as in the first film, she’ll have an older sibling, this time a sister played by Ariana Greenblatt. In addition to all this talent, there's Jeff Goldblum as the villain — a voice even kids could probably pick out of a lineup.

Six Reasons We’re Crying To See Boss Baby: The Family Business Section5Image

A Returning Creative Team

If you liked the first BOSS BABY, you'll be happy to know that the same folks have returned to make the sequel. Both films are directed by MEGAMIND and MADAGASCAR director Tom McGrath. And both films are written by THUNDERBIRDS and MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN writer Michael McCullers. It’s hard to believe the quality and talent they brought to the first film would be at all diminished for part two. Plus, they are already super well versed in the world and characters.

Six Reasons We’re Crying To See Boss Baby: The Family Business Section6Image

More of that Dreamworks Animation We Love

The alchemy of creating fantastic family-friendly animated movies has been turned into a science over at Dreamworks. This is the same studio that brought us TROLLS, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, THE CROODS, and the godfather of all CG animated series, SHREK. As the first BOSS BABY proved, they know what they are doing over there, and there is no reason BOSS BABY: THE FAMILY BUSINESS will break their stride.

Six Reasons We’re Crying To See Boss Baby: The Family Business Section7Image

Baby Ninjas

That’s it. There are baby ninjas in this film. What more could anyone want?

Check out our reaction to the trailer in the video below!



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All images courtesy of DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures.

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