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Chaos Walking: Everything You Need To Know

12/15/2020 • 4 min read

It has been a long time coming, but CHAOS WALKING is finally coming to theatres early next year! (To give you an idea of how long we've been waiting, the film rights to Patrick Ness's novel "The Knife of Never Letting Go" were purchased by Lionsgate waaaay back in 2011!) 

The film may have taken a long trip to theaters, but with a story, cast, and director this good, it is almost certainly going to be worth the wait. Let’s dive into why we’re so excited the upcoming sci-fi epic called CHAOS WALKING.

Image for 01 Chaos Walking Release Date 1250.jpg

The Chaos Walking Release Date

CHAOS WALKING will hit theaters very soon: On March 5, 2021. That is almost two years from its original release date, March 1, 2019. Routine reshoots and a very un-routine pandemic got in the way of that plan, but now it’s all set to hit screens like the first sign of springtime.

Watch the First Chaos Walking Trailer!



Just as we had been getting used to the idea of waiting to see footage, the first CHAOS WALKING trailer arrived in early November 200, and you can check it out above!

As you can see, the film looks filled with exciting elements: an exotic science fiction premise, young love, maybe even some aliens… this is going to be a big film with a lot going on. Plus that cast! And the dog!

Image for 02 Chaos Walking Story 1250.jpg

What Is Chaos Walking About?

The main thing going on with CHAOS WALKING is it takes place in a version of the future where, for some mysterious reason, there are no women and all the men have an affliction known as "the noise." That condition puts their every thought on display. So no one can lie, at least in theory. (In the book, animal thoughts are also heard as Noise.)

It’s a wild premise and figuring out how the setup came to be is part of the larger narrative. Nevertheless, the immediate story involves a young man (Tom Holland) who encounters a young woman (Daisy Ridley) and must protect her at all costs. If you’re not sold yet, he also has a super cute dog.

The film is based on a whole trilogy of books, so there’s a lot more to it than that. (Don’t forget about the space stuff and aliens!) But the cute dog is really the most important aspect.

Image for 03 Chaos Walking Cast Nick Jonas 1250.jpg

The Cast of Chaos Walking

Here is where the movie gets really exciting. The two main leads come from the two biggest film series out there. Daisy Ridley of STAR WARS plays the young woman, Viola, while Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, plays Todd, the young man who is very surprised to meet a woman.

On top of that, you have an amazing supporting cast featuring Mads Mikkelsen (ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY), Cynthia Erivo ("The Outsider"), Demián Bichir (THE HATEFUL EIGHT), David Oyelowo (SELMA) and pop star Nick Jonas. The aliens will be played by aliens. (That's a joke.)

Image for 04 Chaos Walking Filmmakers 1250.jpg

The Filmmakers Behind Chaos Walking

This movie is the latest directed by Doug Liman, who directed all kinds of movies you already love. Check out this list of titles: GO, SWINGERS, THE BOURNE IDENTITY, EDGE OF TOMORROW, MR. & MRS. SMITH. Liman knows how to make entertaining films, and we can't imagine that CHAOS WALKING will be an exception.

Additionally, the film was co-written (along with Christopher Ford) by Patrick Ness, who should know the story pretty well since he’s the author of the original novel trilogy.


CHAOS WALKING opens on January 22, 2021!


All images courtesy of Lionsgate.

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