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Cinemark Gift Cards: Gifting the Cinematic Experience

10/27/2022 • 3 min read

(Updated 04/24/2024)

With Cinemark Gift Cards, you can share the movies with everyone in your life.

Cinemark Gift Cards are the best gift cards to give as a way to treat friends to a date night or to gift an entire family night out. While you're at it, maybe it's a good idea to grab something for those gifts that are important but easy to put off buying, like teacher appreciation or office holiday swaps.

The only question might be what the ideal gift amount would be for a variety of situations. We're ready to help with good gift card ideas! Here are a few ways you can use Cinemark Gift Cards to give a variety of gifts for different occasions.

New: Prepaid Tickets

Cinemark now offers Prepaid Tickets. Like Gift Cards, you can purchase Prepaid Tickets in a variety of values. Unlike gift cards, Prepaid Tickets act just as the name suggests. Each acts as a regular ticket, which can be redeemed for a movie of the bearer's choice at any Cinemark Theatre. It's a simple, convenient way to give someone one or more movie tickets. Note that these can be used only as tickets and not for snack bar purchases or other items.

Get more info about Prepaid Tickets here.

Date Night

$75 | Give your favorite couple a night out with a $75 gift card. The gift will buy two premium-format movie tickets and more than enough snacks to keep even two people with very different tastes happy. This card value can also cover dinner for two with two drinks at one of Cinemark’s full-service restaurants.

Family Movie Night

$100 | Movies are one of the most affordable ways you can take the entire family out for a fun night together. With a $100 gift card, a family can buy movie tickets for four people plus popcorn and drinks - just the thing for a mid-week pick-me-up or a weekend outing to see a big new release.

Teacher Appreciation

$40 | Once or twice a year we let the teachers who guide our kids know how much we appreciate their work. In these situations, there's always the question of good gifting etiquette. A $40 gift card is a great way to let your child's teacher have a nice time at the movies with their spouse or BFF.

Happy Birthday

$35 - $65 | Movies are good birthday gifts, and a $35 gift card will give your teen and their friend a fun afternoon at the movies. If you're giving a birthday gift to adults, consider a $65 gift card, which will cover a couple of adult beverages along with movie tickets and snacks.

Office Holiday Gift Exchange

$20 | Got an office holiday party or gift exchange coming up? A $20 gift card is one of the best gift cards for Christmas parties. It's a flexible option that basically lets the recipient choose their own gift by picking their favorite movie, without pushing you over the spending limit.

Note that individual ticket and snack pricing may vary by location. Individual gift card values are not guaranteed to purchase mentioned combinations in all markets.


Get a Cinemark Gift Card for any occasion!

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