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Creed III - Everything You Need To Know

Creed III - Everything You Need To Know

(Updated 10/18/2022)

Few movie series have the respect and longevity enjoyed by ROCKY. Sure, STAR WARS has been around for the same amount of time, but its first entry is no Best Picture Oscar winner. (We can debate whether or not it got robbed another time.) STAR WARS also took some pretty sizeable time-off breaks where no new movies came to theatres.

ROCKY, on the other hand, has always been with us, acting as kind of a meta-commentary on Sylvester Stallone’s career. Sometimes he’s on top of the world, sometimes he’s down low and has something to prove. It’s been a pleasure watching the actor age along with his most famous character.

That legacy continues with CREED. Ryan Coogler’s tribute to and continuation of the ROCKY story remains a full-on masterpiece. It introduced the world to Adonis Creed, the headstrong fighter and illegitimate son of the great Apollo Creed.

CREED filmmakers have had to figure out where to go with sequels. Once the underdog becomes the champ, what's next? In CREED II, he settled an old score, defeating the son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed his father in the ring. Now Adonis faces a new challenge in CREED III. And for the first time in the series history, he won’t be getting any help from Rocky Balboa.

So what’s in store for Adonis? Read on to find out everything you need to know about CREED III — and watch the first trailer.

When Does Creed III Come Out?

CREED III will open exclusively in movie theatres on March 3, 2023. Watch it with your family, but try not to let them see you cry into your popcorn.

Watch the First Creed III Trailer

This first trailer for CREED III looks exactly like the sort of movie we're hoping for! Adonis is the established champ, but he's still vulnerable to feelings of guilt and loss. And Jonathan Majors looks like an imposing challenger, especially when you factor in the weight of their shared past.

What Is Creed III About?

Most of the story is in the trailer. While there will be some small details that aren't revealed until we see the movie, this one looks pretty clear-cut. Adonis is a father and the boxing champion. His wife, musician Bianca has been going deaf for two films now, so that challenge will probably play a big role.

Looking back at ROCKY III, the story revolved around a weakened Rocky, coasting by on easy street while a new fighter from the school of hard knocks shows up to rock him out of his complacency. He resolves this by training with Apollo Creed and learning to become a totally different type of fighter.

There are some parallels here, especially with respect to a challenging new fighter from the school of hard knocks. (That's probably a wild over-simplification of Jonathan Majors' character.) And now Adonis doesn’t have an Apollo-like figure in his life. Who trains him, and how? We'll have to wait to find out.

Who Is In Creed III?

The biggest news is who is missing. Obviously, Sylvester Stallone’s absence is going to weigh heavily on CREED III, and it’s going to be interesting to see how Adonis fares without his old mentor.

Michael B. Jordan returns as Adonis. Tessa Thompson is returning as Bianca. Phylicia Rashad returns as Adonis’ mother figure, Mary Anne. The big new cast member is Jonathan Majors ("Loki"), who will play Adonis’s opponent. These roles don’t typically go to actors of a dramatic caliber like Majors, so look forward to a fully-developed character here, likely one who can help fill in Stallone’s absence.

Who Made Creed III?

That’s the other big bit of CREED III news. The film will mark the directorial debut of Michael B. Jordan. This is his film, and you can bet he’s going to make the most of it.


CREED III opens on March 3, 2023.


All images courtesy of United Artists Releasing.

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