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Dabangg 3

What to expect from Dabangg 3


The best Hindi movies have a perfect balance of romance, action, emotion, & beautiful people – haven’t seen one like that in a while? Fear not, the Dabangg series continues with its third installment this December!

The trailer shows that this film will revolve around Chulbul Pandey’s origin story of his fearlessness and how it transcends to present day. But as an audience, we can anticipate some time-honored themes that will make a comeback.

So like Chulbul’s sunglasses, let’s take a look back and see what we know from the other Dabangg movies that we can expect out of this upcoming Bollywood release:

Dabangg 3

Family sentiments

Dabangg solely focused on how Chulbul overcame difficult relationships to be the family man he is today & Dabangg 2 gave us a glimpse of the love for his new born son so we can only expect this to be a strong narrative.


Probably the most obvious of the bunch but had to be noted:

  • First fight: In a deserted building where Chulbul will sprinkle in his comedic side (hopefully Ramu, the gunda who’s cell phone always goes off, will make an appearance)
  • Middle movie fight: Flying cars & guns to send a message to the villain
  • Climax Fight: Shirtless Salman. Enough Said.

Romance Remastered

With the hits of Shreya Ghoshal & Raha Fateh Ali Khan from the last 2 films we can definitely expect them to make a comeback when Bhai romances, not one, but 2 stunning heroines: Sonakshi Sinha playing Rajjo Pandey in the present & Saiee Manjrekar playing Khushi, Chulbul’s past lover. This will be Saiee’s debut in Bollywood and just by the pictures below we can already tell that the harmonious romance that these gorgeous women will bring to this action packed film, is exactly the type of charm audiences will crave.

Dabangg 3

Muscular Villains Involved in Politics

The series has done a great job in incorporating famous villains from different regions. Dabangg featured Sonu Sood who is known for his roles in many action packed Telugu movies, Dabangg 2 showcased Prakash Raj who is famed for some of the best Tamil movies, & Dabangg 3 will introduce Sudeep, a jack of all trades in the Kannada movie industry.

Emotional Deaths

The Dabangg series really likes to tug at audiences’ heart strings with the fall of at least one important character in the film - the first was the murder of Chulbul’s mother & second was of his unborn child. Audiences’ are already invested in all the established characters that, whoever it is, will be heart-wrenching nevertheless.


With emotional deaths come the vengeance of an even more fearless Chulbul – we can definitely expect a plot twist with Chulbul achieving his revenge of a fallen family member or friend.

Knockout Item Song

This may be a fact instead of an assumption since the trailer gave us a little snippet, but we have to mention that every Dabangg movie gives us a smash hit song that every parent will make their kid perform at any function for the rest of the year. This year’s number will feature the beautiful Warina Hussain with a song titled “Munna Badnam Hua.”

Now that we’ve taken a walk down memory lane, don’t forget to drive to your local Cinemark to catch Dabangg 3 in theatres December 20th 2019!

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