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Encanto: Everything to Know About Disney's Animated MusicalheroImage

Encanto: Everything to Know About Disney's Animated Musical

7/8/2021 • 3 min read

It’s always a big deal whenever Disney brings a new original animated film into the world. Not a sequel or prequel; not a live-action remake, but an original animated feature film filled with brand new characters and songs.

That’s exactly what we’re getting with ENCANTO. Details beyond that, however, are still a little hard to come by. Nevertheless, here’s what we know about ENCANTO so far, including a look at the first trailer!

Encanto: Everything to Know About Disney's Animated Musical Section2Image

The Encanto Release Date

ENCANTO is scheduled to come out on November 24, 2021.

Is There an Encanto Trailer?

There is an ENCANTO trailer! You can watch it just above. In addition to showcasing the film’s vibrant setting and music, this first ENCANTO trailer offers a quick introduction to the magical world in which the characters live, and the life of one young woman who was born without magic.

Encanto: Everything to Know About Disney's Animated Musical Section4Image

What Is Encanto About?

As the above trailer puts forth loud and clear, ENCANTO takes place in Colombia. But this is a different Colombia than the one we know because magic exists in the Colombia of the movie's story.

Hidden within Colombia’s majestic mountains is the Madrigal family. Each member of the family has been blessed with unique magic power. All of them, that is, except young Mirabel. When something threatens the family’s magic, only Mirabel - the one member without special abilities - can fix the problem. Can Mirable do it? How will she succeed without magic? We’ll have to watch ENCANTO in order to find out!

Encanto: Everything to Know About Disney's Animated Musical Section5Image

Who Is in the Encanto Cast?

Like many things regarding ENCANTO, the voice cast is mostly secret at this point. The only confirmed cast member is Stephanie Beatriz, of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." This doesn’t tell us a whole lot because Beatriz’s low monotone voice, made famous in that show, is not her actual speaking voice. In other words, don’t expect Mirabel Madrigal to sound like Rosa Diaz.

While the rest of the cast is currently unknown, there are indications that Ben Stiller may provide a voice as well. At the moment, however, that is not confirmed. And given his involvement as co-writer, it’s not too much to expect a Lin-Manuel Miranda contribution as well.

Encanto: Everything to Know About Disney's Animated Musical Section6Image

Who Directed Encanto?

ENCANTO is directed by Jared Bush and Bryan Howard, with additional help from co-writer Charise Castro Smith. The last big film by Bush and Howard was Disney’s beloved ZOOTOPIA. It will be interesting to see how their style translates to a story about humans, especially one with such a strong emphasis on music.

Encanto: Everything to Know About Disney's Animated Musical Section7Image

Who Wrote the Encanto Songs?

It's a good thing you asked! ENCANTO’s music is likely the film’s biggest drawing point. That’s what happens when your songs are written by "Hamilton" and "In the Heights" hit-maker Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Miranda has already shown his Disney musical chops with his amazing contributions to MOANA, which is all the more reason to get excited about what he’s cooked up for ENCANTO.

Encanto: Everything to Know About Disney's Animated Musical Section8Image

Is There Anything Else We Should Know?

Not yet, but keep your ear to the ground. Between now and the film’s November release date, a ton of ENCANTO information is likely to drop. But it’s never too early to start getting excited!


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All images courtesy of Walt Disney Animation.

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