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Exclusive Interview: Logan Miller, Holland Roden, and Adam Robitel of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

7/12/2021 • 3 min read

Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) hoped they were free after the events of ESCAPE ROOM, but they are pulled into a deadly new game in ESCAPE ROOM: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. In Manhattan, the pair is teamed with six other players who all survived their own game experience — now they must work together to survive one more time.

We spoke with Logan Miller to learn about what his character Ben has been up to since we last saw him. He said, "Ben’s trajectory has changed entirely." He has "[changed] his life for the better, but Zoey has got a vendetta against this tumultuous corporation, and she needs his help in fighting [it], at all costs." 

New to the cast is Holland Roden, who plays Rachel, a young woman with a unique characteristic. As Roden told us, "She can’t feel pain. So we got to run with the physical aspect of that, of putting all the piercings and tattoos on her and adding this British-punk-fan side of Rachel."

Also returning to the franchise is director Adam Robitel, who spoke with us about what makes this sequel bigger and better than the original. "The main thing," he says, "is we really expand the game. The idea that there was one localized game in Chicago in the first movie — we blow the doors off that. There are multiple games happening around the world." He added, "It’s not just about the escape rooms themselves. Everything in your life, anywhere you go, you are unsafe. It’s unreliable. You can get pulled into the game at any point." 

Robitel also spoke about the challenge of making a sequel like this, telling us, "They are just impossibly difficult to make." He added, "It was a challenge. But I feel like coming out of this movie, I’ve learned so much about visual effects and just the way you craft a really complicated (story)."

Logan Miller ended our talk by telling us why TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS is the perfect summer movie to enjoy at a Cinemark movie theater, saying, "Whether it be the return of the original characters, the new characters, all of the elements of these practical escape rooms that we had to endure. All of those things come together, and it really makes this fun thrill ride!"

Check out our full interview with the cast of ESCAPE ROOM: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS:




All images courtesy of Sony Pictures.

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