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Fall: A Thrillingly Simple ConceptheroImage

Fall: A Thrillingly Simple Concept

7/15/2022 • 4 min read

Are you afraid of falling? It’s probably one of the most common fears out there, right up on the list with spiders and taxes. With the exception of the people who deliberately try to find out what it’s like to fall, most of us are at least somewhat terrified of that dive towards the ground from a great height.

The survival thriller FALL explores exactly that idea in a thrilling and terrifyingly simple format. In the movie FALL, two best friends climb to the top of a 2000 foot radio tower – and then find themselves stranded and struggling to survive the elements… and, yes, the fall. Check out the FALL trailer below!

Where You Can See Fall

FALL opens on August 12 exclusively in movie theatres.

Watch The Fall Trailer, If You Dare

There’s some backstory in this trailer, showing how the young woman Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) lost her father in a climbing accident. So her friend Hunter (Virginia Gardner) lures her out to a massive tower in order to help her overcome her fears.

Things… do not go well.

The Visceral Purity of Fall

As freaky as the idea of this movie is — and it is very freaky to think about being stranded thousands of feet off the ground on a narrow metal tower — there's a visceral beauty to the footage in the trailer.

That spindly red metal tower out in the middle of nowhere, the spire that pokes above the clouds, and the idea of being in some remote place where there's virtually nothing between you and the elements. Those ideas are all appealing in their own way, at least so long as you could approach them without the threat of falling to the ground!

The Fall Has a Great Filmmaking Team

Producers behind FALL have made the 47 METERS DOWN movies, which are excellent survival thrillers in their own right. And director Scott Mann made a different sort of simple thriller, HEIST, in 2015. The visual language you see him using even in merely the trailer for FALL is unnerving and enticing.


FALL opens on August 12.


All images courtesy of Lionsgate.

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