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Exclusive Interview: Jason Blum and Ana de la Reguera of The Forever PurgeheroImage

Exclusive Interview: Jason Blum and Ana de la Reguera of The Forever Purge

7/1/2021 • 3 min read

It’s the siren heard around America. When it sounds, it’s everyone for themselves. This summer, THE PURGE is back and it’s badder than ever. THE FOREVER PURGE is the fifth installment of the action-horror series, and it takes the annual killing spree to Texas.

Every year, for one night, the Purge makes all crime legal in the U.S., including murder. THE FOREVER PURGE follows a couple that flees a drug cartel in Mexico but must face dangerous outlaws in America who follow their own rules.

We spoke to the film’s producer, Jason Blum, the Blumhouse Productions powerhouse behind the entire franchise. In the movie, "America has descended into total chaos and anarchy,” Blum said. "This is like a Purge western. My favorite thing about this purge is that it’s the first purge we’ve done with no rules so there’s no limit to the Purge."

We also spoke to Ana de la Reguera, who plays the lead character, Adela. "I thought it was a genius idea because a lot of scary things happen in Texas and the cowboys, and also the proximity with Mexico,” she said. “It’s also like a border story... I thought it was a very well-written script and I hope people like it.”

James DeMonaco, creator and writer of the series, wrote the script, which was directed by Mexican filmmaker Everardo Gout, who he felt could make it more authentic. "My favorite part about this movie is the western setting," Gout said, "which is such an odd thing to impose the Purge on."

THE FOREVER PURGE was originally slated to be released in July 2020 but was pushed back a year due to the pandemic. Now, Blum stresses how much greater the experience will be in a theater. 

“If [fans] want the most effective way to be scared out of their minds, to have their adrenaline pumping and to be totally immersed in the movie, there’s no better way to see it than in a movie theater. That's how we designed it. We made the movie for movie theaters and that’s how you should go see it.”

Check out our full interview with Jason Blum and Ana de la Reguera:


THE FOREVER PURGE opens on July 2!


All images courtesy of Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures.

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