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Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Everything You Need to Know

Ghostbusters Afterlife: Everything You Need to Know

(Updated 01/21/2021)

Hold the phone: This fall, the Ghostbusters are back in GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE. The all-new sequel is coming to a theater near you courtesy of director Jason Reitman, whose father, Ivan Reitman, directed the original GHOSTBUSTERS movies.

Unlike 2016’s GHOSTBUSTERS, which was a reboot of sorts, the new film is a direct sequel to the first two films originally released in the ’80s. It features a mix of new characters and some very familiar faces. Join us as we take a closer look at this exciting new sequel, and lay out everything there is to know about GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE.

The New Ghostbusters Release Date

This new GHOSTBUSTERS movie was announced with very little prior fanfare about its development. It was a closely guarded secret. When first announced, the film didn't even have a release date, but that info was released only weeks after the movie was announced. Unfortunately, the events of 2020 pushed the date back. Ghosts will be busted once again when GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE comes to theatres on November 11, 2021.

A Tantalizing Teaser and Terrific Trailer

The first teaser for GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE is very intriguing, but it doesn’t show us very much. It’s nighttime out in the country, and we hear spooky music (the same music used in the original GHOSTBUSTERS) as the camera pans across a field covered in leaves and into a large shed. Sparks and little crackles of electricity come from an unseen gadget. There's something large underneath a giant tarp. The wind kicks up, and we see what’s under the tarp: The original Ghostbusters car, the ECTO-1! The vibe of this footage is more horror than comedy, which in many ways calls back to the original film, too.

Then there's the full trailer, which introduces several new characters and lets us know something about how this film relates to the first two movies. It's a great true first look.

The Spooky New Story

What ghosts will be in Ghostbusters 2020?

We don’t know too much about the plot of GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE, but here’s what’s been revealed so far. The film is a direct sequel to 1984’s GHOSTBUSTERS and 1989’s GHOSTBUSTERS II, both directed by Ivan Reitman. Those films followed a team of paranormal investigators who help people dealing with ghosts in New York City: Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd), Egon Spengler (the late Harold Ramis), and Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson).

The new sequel follows a family as they move back home to their small hometown, where they uncover secrets about their family’s interesting history and the town itself.

Meet the New Cast

McKenna Grace in Captain Marvel

[Image Credit: Marvel Studios]

Carrie Coon, best known for her roles in TV’s “The Leftovers” and "Fargo," in addition to a small role in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, plays the mom of the family. She has two children, played by CAPTAIN MARVEL’s McKenna Grace (above) and “Stranger Things” favorite Finn Wolfhard. Paul Rudd, aka Marvel’s ANT-MAN, also appears as a teacher who knows at least a little something about what the Ghostbusters were. Bokeem Woodbine from TV’s “Fargo” has a supporting role as a local sheriff.

Reitman has said that GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE was inspired by an idea he had about a teenage girl becoming a Ghostbuster, and he’d like his film to set up the possibility that anyone could become a Ghostbuster if they wanted.

What Does This Have to Do With the Original Ghostbusters?

Egon in the original 1984 Ghostbusters

There’s an interesting theory that Coon’s character is somehow related to Egon Spengler. She might be slightly too young to play his widow, but she could be his long-lost daughter. Based on that theory, we can speculate that the secrets she uncovers when she moves back to her hometown involve discovering that her dad was a Ghostbuster.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Original cast returns in Ghostbusters 2020

Bridging the gap between the original films and this new sequel is a bunch of familiar faces: Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Dan Aykroyd are all returning to reprise their roles from the classic movies. They’re joined by co-star Sigourney Weaver, reprising her role as Dana Barrett, who went from client to possessed demonic entity in the original movie.

She has an interesting connection to Coon’s character: In GHOSTBUSTERS II, Dana had become a single mother, just like Coon’s character in GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE. Also joining in on the fun is Annie Potts, who played the Ghostbusters’ sassy receptionist, Janine Melnitz.

This is all just the earliest news about GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE. There's been a slow trickle of info over the past year, and we expect to see a lot more from this particular afterlife later this year. What better present could fans ask for?

Watch for more news about GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE soon!

All images courtesy of Sony Pictures, except where indicated.

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