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Image for 00 2021 Comedy Movies Hero.jpg

Comedies That’ll Have Us Laughing Through 2021

12/9/2020 • 3 min read

What we could all use in 2021 is a good laugh. Or even a medium laugh. Any laugh will do, to be honest. Luckily, the new year is filled to the brim with amazing-looking comedies that should scratch anyone's comedic itch. Here are the 2021 comedy movies we’re looking forward to seeing the most.

Image for Hotel Transylvania 1250.jpg

Hotel Transylvania 4

Adam Sandler is back as Dracula and… that’s about all we know at this point! Long-time series director Genndy Tartakovsky will not be returning to direct, but did help write the film. What’s the plot? It’s a secret! Which side-characters will return? We don’t know! Will it be funny and adorable? Yes of course it will!

Image for 00 Free Guy Hero 2.jpg

Free Guy

In an inspired concept, Ryan Reynolds stars as an NPC (non-playable character) in a violent, video game that looks like a combination of "Grand Theft Auto" and "Fortnite." To win the love of a lady and take control of his own life, he pushes back against his NPC programming to run wild within his video game world, possibly ruining everything in the process. The inventiveness of that concept, combined with the wit and charm of Ryan Reynolds, is sure to fill FREE GUY with funny chaos.

Image for French Dispatch 1250.jpg

The French Dispatch

Wes Anderson (MOONLIGHT KINGDOM, ISLE OF DOGS) is back with a movie that is instantly recognizable as the director's work. With a brilliant ensemble of notable actors, many of whom are regular Anderson collaborators, the story focuses on the foreign bureau of a small newspaper. With three main stories, this may be more of an anthology than a straight narrative, but we wouldn't be surprised to find they all tell one fairly unified tale. One thing we can say with certainty: Timotheé Chalamet was born to be in Wes Anderson movies.

Image for 05 Moonstruck 1250.jpg

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Nicolas Cage plays himself (okay, sounds good so far) and must reprise his most famous characters (very very promising) to save his wife and daughter from a dangerous and crazy superfan (holy smokes!) in what could easily be the best movie of the year. Nicolas Cage is always good. But Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage playing characters played by Nicolas Cage? This one is going to be wild. Is it too much to hope for a little MOONSTRUCK (above) in the mix?

Image for Bobs Burgers Movie 1250.jpg

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie

"Bob’s Burgers" has been a comedy institution on television for a while now, carrying the comedic inspiration of "The Simpsons" forward for a new generation. And, like "The Simpsons," it’s time for "Bob’s Burgers" to hit the big screen. If you like the show, this is going to be a slam dunk. If you don’t know the show, this will be a perfect opportunity to become a fan.

Image for 02 Ghostbusters Afterlife 1250.jpg

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Even with a trailer out in the wild, a whole lot of the plot of GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE remains secret. We do know it acts as a true sequel to the original two GHOSTBUSTERS movies, and will feature cameos from the original Ghostbusters. Even so, most of the ghost action will revolve around a new set of young characters. Are they Egon’s children? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Image for Jackass Logo 1250.jpg

Jackass 4

JACKASS 4 is filming right now and two members of the cast are already in the hospital. So if you’re expecting the crew to go easy on themselves in their old age, don’t count on it. The first three movies in this series are totally unparalleled acts of cinematic comedy, capable of making entire theaters lose their minds with laughter. This entry will be no different, though the hits may do more damage this time.

Image for Space Jam 2 Logo 1250 .jpg

Space Jam: A New Legacy

The original SPACE JAM has grown into a true classic. Now a new generation gets to enjoy a sequel in which a star basketball player teams up with classic and new Looney Tunes characters. This time, that player will be LeBron James. The Looney Tunes crew will, once again, be played by themselves.


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All images courtesy of Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Studios, and Searchlight Pictures.

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