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The Best New Indian Movies to Watch in Theatres

12/5/2022 • 3 min read

(Updated 05/29/2024)

Cinemark is far more than your first stop for the best Hollywood movies and independent films from around North America. We also offer the ideal gateway to the thrilling, dramatic, and musical movies of India.

We bring you the best Indian movies with the ultimate viewing experience — and in real-time! So when people in India are waking up at 4 am to watch the first show on opening day, you get to celebrate it on a weekday evening.

We've got the bold banter of Hindi movies, the terror & turmoil of Telugu movies, the thrills & tunes of Tamil movies, and the moving morals of Malayalam movies. Whether you’re a fan of Bollywood comedies or the latest Tamil & Telugu thrillers, sink into our recliner seats with your favorite movie snacks to enjoy the newest Indian movies. We don’t just want you to watch the movie, we want you to be a part of it. So, don’t wait for your distant relative to post his movie review on social media – be the one to do it first!

New Malayalam Movies in US Theatres Now and Coming Soon

Guruvayoor AmbalanadayilGuruvayoor Ambalanadayil (Malayalam with English Subtitles) | Cinemark

A young man who is set to get married but due to a web of unforeseen bad luck and circumstances, he marries a woman who hates him and has to suffer her wrath over it. [Now Playing]




TurboTurbo (Malayalam with English Subtitles) | Cinemark

Turbo is an Indian Malayalam-language action-comedy directed by Vysakh and starring Mammootty. It is the third collaboration for Mammootty and Vyshakh, following POKKIRI RAJA and MADHURA RAJA. Raj B Shetty is also set to appear, alongside Telugu comedian Sunil. [June 13]


New Marathi Movies in US Theatres Now and Coming Soon

Nach Ga GhumaNach Ga Ghuma (Marathi with English Subtitles) | Cinemark

Follows the lively duo - the woman of the house and the house help, and how their love-hate relationship unfolds in a humorous drama. [Now Playing]




New Pujabi Movies in US Theatres Now and Coming Soon

Nanak Naam Jahaz HaiNanak Naam Jahaz Hai (Punjabi with English Subtitles) | Cinemark

An uplifting and inspiring Punjabi faith-based drama about a childless couple that is blessed by twins. NANAK NAMM JAHAZ HAI is an anecdote of faith and belief. History is a witness that when all the efforts of a person fails, it is only the almighty God's power and blessing that can remove all the problems, pain, suffering, and sorrow. This is a story of similar people, who have lost everything in life. It is a story that will directly touch the depths of these peoples' hearts. [Now Playing]

Rose Rosy Te GulabRose Rosy Te Gulab (Punjabi with English Subtitles) | Cinemark

A fresh dose of comedy and romance. Gulab is fed up with his bachelorhood and constant rejection by all suitable matches. On the advice of his friends, he follows the path of Manifestation but by a series of comic events is stuck between two girls- Rose and Rosy. Now, who will he chose? Or will he reject both? [Now Playing]


New Telugu Movies in US Theatres Now and Coming Soon

Gangs of GodavariGangs of Godavari (Telugu with English Subtitles) | Cinemark

A story of thugs and politics that is set in the Eluru and Godavari coastal regions in the 1980s. [Now Playing]





Love MeLove Me (Telugu with English Subtitles) | Cinemark

In the village of Ramachandrapuram, there are only about twenty houses. Every evening at 8 PM, the eerie sound of intense crying emanates from one house, terrifying the villagers. The locals believe the house is haunted by a ghost after the couple living there died. The couple had a young daughter who mysteriously disappeared. To uncover the truth about the child's whereabouts, Arjun (Ashish) and Prathap (Ravi Krishna), who run a YouTube channel that investigates ghosts, spirits, and cemeteries, begin their search. Hearing about the haunting in Ramachandrapuram, they decide to find out what happened to the little girl. They employ various methods to investigate, with the help of Priya (Vaishnavi Chaitanya). How do they discover the girl's whereabouts? What is the connection between the girl and the investigators? [Now Playing]


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