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Reminiscence - Everything You Need To KnowheroImage

Reminiscence - Everything You Need To Know

7/12/2021 • 4 min read

Have you ever wanted to check out of the real world for a moment to relive some better memories from early in your life? It’s a great idea! Or so it seems. As with many great ideas, there’s now a movie to explore the notion that going too far down that path might actually be a pretty bad idea. Hugh Jackman stars in REMINISCENCE, which blends sci-fi, romance, and noir thriller ideas into a new story of lost people trying to find one another.

Let’s have a closer look at what REMINISCENCE has to offer.

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The Reminiscence Release Date

You can add seeing REMINISCENCE to your collection of memories starting August 20.

Watch the Reminiscence Trailer

"You're going on a journey," says Hugh Jackman's character as the trailer begins, and this first look at REMINISCENCE certainly follows through! We've got a partially-submerged city torn by war and loss, full of people who try to maintain their present sanity by looking back into the past. A mysterious woman seems to be looking for something, but we quickly get the sense that nothing is to be trusted.

In short, as you can see… this movie is not a comedy. Watch the trailer and then revisit that memory by watching it again!

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What Is Reminiscence About?

That’s the big question, so hold onto your hats. Things are about to get a little complicated!

Let’s start with the setting. REMINISCENCE takes place in the future. Not a distant future, but one the filmmakers posit is just around our corner. It’s Miami, Florida, and people are trying to live their lives like normal even though global warming has caused sea levels to rise and essentially flood the city. So the city is now part Miami, part Venice. And since this is a future noir, maybe there’s even a little bit of BLADE RUNNER’s Los Angeles in there as well. No matter how you slice it, scenes in REMINISCENCE are going to be very wet.

Enter Nick Bannister, a grizzled military veteran who has technology that allows clients to relive their memories. That's something people are increasingly eager to do as the world around them goes mad. One day, Bannister is visited by a mysterious woman named Mae, who wants to pull something specific out of her own memories. The two begin a torrid love affair. But when a separate client’s memories implicate Mae in a horrible crime, things start to get complex. Mae disappears and Bannister begins an obsessive quest to find her and untangle her mysterious past.

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Who Is in the Reminiscence Cast?

The film’s big central star is Hugh Jackman, who has plenty of experience taking darker roles like this. Sure, he’s Wolverine and sometimes a great song-and-dance man, but he can do big drama as well.

Opposite Jackman, Mae is played by MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT star Rebecca Ferguson. She should do well playing the film’s mysterious and possibly dangerous, femme fatale. She was terrific as the villainous Rose the Hat in DOCTOR SLEEP, and we can see some of that instincts from that role applying here as well.

The rest of the cast is rounded out by "Westworld" alums Thandiwe Newton and Angela Sarafyan, as well as familiar faces like Cliff Curtis and Daniel Wu. All told, it’s a pretty stacked cast.

Reminiscence - Everything You Need To Know Section6Image

Who Directed Reminiscence?

The "Westworld" connection is important because REMINISCENCE is directed by Lisa Joy. While this is her feature film directorial debut, she co-created HBO's "Westworld" series, which means she had a great grasp on morality tales set in the near future. She also worked on other cult television shows like "Pushing Daisies" and "Burn Notice."

So if you like "Westworld" or dark mysteries in which a man digs deeper and deeper into a web of intrigue he can probably never escape, REMINISCENCE is definitely for you.


REMINISCENCE opens on August 20!


All images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

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